Chapter 3358: One Punch

“Boom!” Zhan Hu and Huang Ning slammed into the ground, resulting in two pits.

Their blood slowly stained the ground; the stench struck the audience by the tip of their nose.

They lay in their puddle of blood, unable to move. Their bones were shattered, veins and tendons severed – looking as pitiful as can be.

The scene was filled with astonished gazes from the regular disciples, experts, and elders.

The Tortoise, no, Black Tortoise Fist annihilated Zhan Hu’s armor with the first shot.

In reality, very few in Divine Black could destroy that armor in its peak state. One needed a dao lord weapon in order to do so.

However, Li Qiye did it with his bare hands while using the most elementary art – Tortoise Fist.

“This is the true power of Black Tortoise Fist?” An elder calmed down after a long while and commented.

The visual image of a Black Tortoise was unforgettable. It had imprinted itself deep in the memories of the disciples.

“Ugh…” Zhan Hu and Huang Ning vomited more blood. Their injuries were serious enough to wound them deep to the internal organs. If they were lucky enough to survive, they would be bedridden for a year or so.

“You have lost.” Li Qiye walked over and smiled at the two.

They were as pale as can be – who knows if it was from the blood loss or fear?

They stared at Li Qiye in disbelief. How the hell did he defeat their defense using Tortoise Fist alone? It still felt like a dream despite personally experiencing it.

No one here dared to say a single word to help these two or ask for a truce. The loser could only blame themselves for being weak in a duel.

Nonetheless, this swift takedown would definitely go down as a legend.

“This will be your moment.” Li Qiye stared at the immobilized combatants.

The two became frozen. They could feel the shadow of death engulfing them.

Meanwhile, everyone watched with bated breath. Li Qiye had total control of the situation. He could spare them to show his merciful side or kill them. Either way was fine.

“You, you dare?!” Both eventually shouted.

Fame, reputation, power – none of this mattered compared to survival.

“Why not? This is your own fault for being unskilled.” Li Qiye smiled and approached closer.

Someone in the clouds couldn’t watch this any longer and stood up.

“What, what are you doing?!” Zhan Hu was horrified.

“Isn’t it obvious?” Li Qiye stared at him, frightening him even more.

“You said you wanted to make a chamber pot out of my head, right? I think I’ll do just that. I wonder if the size is right.” Li Qiye smirked.

“Brat, there will, will be no place for you here, if you dare to kill me…” Zhan Hu panicked and spouted a random threat.

“Crack!” Li Qiye stomped on his face, crushing multiple bones.

“Ahh!” His face became a bloody pulp.

“Forget it, I’m not interested in such an ugly head. I’ll just crush you instead.” Li Qiye said flatly.

“Father, save me!” Zhan Hu no longer dared to bark back in this crucial moment. He threw away his pride and called for his father – Iron Whip Demon King.


“Enough!” A shout dispersed the clouds, revealing Iron Whip Demon King.

He floated in the air with terrible lightning pulsing in his eyes. A storm emerged – a testament to his rage. He couldn’t stop himself from interfering despite violating a taboo.

A life-or-death duel couldn’t be interfered by anyone. The combatants were the only ones who could decide their fate.

Thus, the demon king joining in was extremely inappropriate given his status and position. It was also against the rules of Divine Black.

Ping Suoweng and the elders frowned as a result. Meanwhile, the other disciples stared at him.

Alas, he had no other choice since his son’s life was on the line.

“Got something to say?” Li Qiye wasn’t surprised.

“Know when to stop during a spar between fellow disciples.” The demon king uttered.

He changed the duel into a spar, twisting the narrative.

“Unfortunately, it’s not up to you. His life is mine.” Li Qiye smiled.

“You dare?!” The demon king turned red with rage after not being given any face.

“There are consequences to losing.” Li Qiye said then added force to his foot. “Crack!”

“Ah!” Zhan Hu screamed as his blood and flesh splattered.

“Little animal!” The king roared. This guy wanted to kill his son in front of him? A demonic aura erupted. Winds and lightning bolts gathered around him.

The disciples knew that he was about to attack.

Li Qiye simply smiled and raised his foot for another stomp.

“Bastard!” The demon king unleashed whip-like bolts towards Li Qiye without showing any mercy. Their light illuminated the sky, capable of piercing everything.

“Enough!” A dignified voice commanded.

“Clank!” A sword hymn accompanied a powerful slash sweeping through the area, stomping down the myriad ages. Nothing could stop this unbeatable slash.

1. I made a mistake with this title. Iron Rod when it should be Iron Whip

Chap End
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