Chapter 3360: Ping Suoweng’s Power

This tail seemed to be larger than the already-massive tiger, capable of dragging the entire world.

The demon king’s success was due to this tail. Their race’s tail was certainly special and came from a powerful merit law at the high heaven level.

Many disciples couldn’t fathom the sheer size of the tail, especially the weaker ones.

Iron Rod Demon King resembled a tiger god whose roar could crush the celestials. He could devour worlds with his power.

“Little animal, you deserve death!” He released another devastating roar. Divine Black was on the verge of breaking down.

“Rumble!” His tail created chaos to the natural order of clouds and winds. The whole world was being moved as a process so many became dizzy.

“This has gone far enough!” Ping Suoweng interfered again with his authoritative voice.

He made his move – a palm strike. The grand dao of the world erupted while the myriad laws rotated. The power resulting from this pierced across the land and stabilized everything.

His palm stopped the tail, ending with an explosion shaking their sect. Nonetheless, stability came next thanks to the power of the dao.

Ping Suoweng was clearly superior to Iron Whip Demon King. As a Grand Dao Sacred Physique cultivator, Suoweng could control the grand dao and the land. This surpassed the grand avatar power by a considerable margin.

“Raaa!” The demon king roared in response. It manifested into a massive claw aiming straight at Suoweng.

A weaker cultivator would be reduced to blood right away. However, Suoweng remained calm and answered by raising one finger forward.

The grand dao extended from the tip and could take on anything.

“Pop!” It easily shattered the soundwave and made the demon king stagger backward.

The demon king had an ugly expression. He knew that he was no match for Suoweng. The guy was truly the strongest in Divine Black.

Meanwhile, the disciples watched in awe and dread. No one dared to say a word.

After all, their sect master and peak lord were fighting. This could only be viewed as something that should never happen, a disaster.

The demon king had committed a taboo act because he was blinded by rage and hatred. It could be quite problematic for the sect if this continues to escalate.

“Sect master, you must protect this brat?” The furious demon king shouted.

The weaker disciples were afraid. This conflict looked like a battle between two immortals to them. They could lose their life at any moment.

The protectors and elders had a serious expression too because of the potential rift. The tiger demon clan might leave their sect.

This clan was very influential, especially with the demons. This also depended on Thousand Demons Peak’s stance.

If the bodhi king were to pick the demon king’s side, it could negate Suoweng’s status and authority.

Divine Black relied on the five peaks as the main pillars. Among them, Zhang Yue of Jade Bird came from Furious Tiger Peak.

He had a good relationship with the demon king. When it came to push or shove, there was a large chance of him picking the demon king’s side.

If he and the bodhi king were to do so and Ping Suoweng only had the support of Mountainbearer King, Suoweng might no longer be the sect master.

“Those who violate the sect’s rules must be heavily punished, no exception. As a peak lord, please make an example out of yourself.” Suoweng said coldly.

He stood above and looked dominating just like a sect master should. People couldn’t help respecting him.

On ordinary days, he resembled an old mortal. Now, his aura was in full bloom.

The crowd became emotional because they knew that he was serious.

All eyes were on Iron Whip Demon King. This seemed to be escalating further. Just one wrong step and internal strife would overwhelm their sect.

“As you have said, I am a peak lord. My punishment is not up for you to decide alone.” The demon king responded.

This became a direct confrontation now between the two. Some started staring at the other three peak lords.

Iron Whip was right. In order to punish him, all the other peak lords must reach a consensus. Ping Suoweng alone couldn’t make this decision.

They knew that this next moment might decide the direction of Divine Black in the near future. Some also glanced at Li Qiye.

The five peak lords naturally didn’t want to see an all-out conflict. However, Iron Whip must avenge his fallen son.

Thus, one likely possibility was sacrificing Li Qiye. A disciple wasn’t as precious as the wellbeing of the sect.

“Breaking the rule was out of line. Demon King, stop now.” Mountainbearer King shook his head, clearly standing on Suoweng’s side.

This was expected since the humans would band together.

“Too impulsive.” The bodhi king commented.

This took the crowd by surprise. These few words indicated that the bodhi king didn’t want the demon king to pursue his personal vendetta.

Next, Zhang Yue became the center of attention. Everyone knew that Zhang Yue was extremely close with Iron Whip Demon King. They weren’t master and disciple but not far from it.

“Demon King, please reconsider.” Zhang Yue pondered for a moment before stating firmly.

Chap End
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