Chapter 3361: Internal Strife

Zhang Yue’s response also came as a surprise. Nonetheless, many felt relieved after hearing him.

The protectors and elders could finally breathe easy. It seemed that the bodhi king and Zhang Yue focused on the big picture. This would avoid an immediate conflict within the sect.

Of course, some demons just didn’t understand. Zhang Yue should have supported the demon king given their relationship. Demons like them should be showing solidarity and band together.

Nonetheless, peak lords like them didn’t need to explain their decision to anyone else. The common disciples wouldn’t understand anyway.

The bodhi king won admiration for his choice. Just think about it, Huang Ning was his disciple, the youngest one too.

He even gave the youth his Verdant Bamboo Stick – a testament to how much he liked the boy. Alas, he didn’t interfere and let Li Qiye kill Huang Ning. He obeyed the rules of a duel – clearly drawing the line between public and private matters.

The demon king couldn’t do so because Zhan Hu was his son. He couldn’t be blamed for wanting to avenge Zhan Hu.

“I see, I see.” The demon king laughed with anger and added: “Fine, we’ll talk about the punishment after I kill this little bastard!”

“Boom!” He started gathering vitality then raised his tail, determined to kill Li Qiye.

His stubbornness made the lower-ranking members nervous. Even the bodhi king and Zhang Yue couldn’t convince him to stop. An unwise action yet understandable.

Some demons actually agreed with this. A man should be firm and decisive. No negotiation when it came to the murder of his son. Li Qiye must pay with blood and his life.

Otherwise, the humans would always be looming above the demons in Divine Black.

“You’ll have to get through me first then.” Ping Suoweng sternly uttered.

“Sect Master, must you escalate this problem? You can protect him today but not forever.” The demon king glared at Suoweng.

He wouldn’t mind losing everything including his position as a peak lord in order to kill Li Qiye. This was an irreconcilable feud.

“We must uphold the rules or the sect will eventually falter.” Suoweng glanced at Li Qiye before responding.

Most elders and protectors nodded in agreement. Rules and regulations were absolutely necessary.

The demon king was the one in violation. This would set an unhealthy precedence and the sect would lose its reputation and trustworthiness.

This might be the reason why the bodhi king and Zhang Yue chose the other side.

Ping Suoweng was indeed carrying out his responsibility as the sect master. However, he also had ulterior motives.

If he had to pick between Li Qiye and the tiger clan, he would definitely pick Li Qiye.

Others considered Li Qiye as the luckiest disciple but he didn’t think so. In his opinion, the guy was an unfathomable existence. This was the most crucial point.

Intuition told him that if Li Qiye wanted to, he could instantly destroy their sect with one hand wave. He truly believed this, hence his decision.

“I see, there is still a long future ahead of us. I will avenge my son no matter what.” The demon king responded.

His frankness was admirable. He didn’t try to hide his intention at all.

Someone else might compromise right now while attempting to kill Li Qiye in the shadows. Perhaps they would put on a facade and blame the murder on others. He chose against doing so. He wanted Li Qiye to pay with his life, offering the guy’s blood as a sacrifice to his son.

There was nothing egregious about a father wanting to avenge his son, especially in this manner.

Alas, this worried some people. The demon king was a powerful cultivator and his clan was influential in Divine Black.

Some glanced over at Li Qiye. They thought that it would be hard for him to survive in Divine Black.

Ping Suoweng slightly grimaced. There was no rule in the sect preventing others from taking revenge later.

“No need to wait for later, now is fine.” A voice suddenly broke everyone’s train of thoughts.

No one expected the speaker to be Li Qiye.

The demon king glared at him with utmost hatred after hearing this.

“Don’t you want to avenge your son? We don’t need to posture any longer, I’ll give you an opportunity right now.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Little bastard, what are you trying to do?” The demon king shouted.

“I can see that you’re heartbroken and miss your son. That’s why I’ll send you down there to see him. How about this, another duel to the death.” Li Qiye added.

“What?!” The entire sect became startled.

“A duel with the demon king?” Some thought that they had misheard him.

“A duel?” The demon king himself couldn’t believe it.

“Is he insane?” A few disciples stared intensely at Li Qiye.

The demon king wasn’t Zhan Hu and Huang Ning. He was far more powerful than these two, being a myriad-form cultivator. No one from the young generation was a match for him regardless of their talents.

“This is insane, Bronze Tendon versus Myriad-form Sanctity?” One elder murmured.

This was simply impossible. A Bronze Tendon cultivator was nothing more than an insect. The myriad-form cultivator just needed one flick to kill them.

“You’re the one suggesting this.” The demon king calmed down and said.

“Yes, everyone heard me clearly. Let’s go now, your son won’t be lonely down there with his father around.” Li Qiye smiled.

“Hahahaha!” The demon king laughed loudly, not out of rage this time but rather happiness.

Chap End
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