Chapter 3365: Tiger God Cauldron

Detonations from the beam could be heard anywhere. Its light intensified and filled out the sky.

It seemed to be breaking through the azure to reach the deepest part of the firmament. It led out the power of the myriad creations and gathered the might of the stars.

The disciples below became suffocated as this power grew.

“Raa!” A furious roar echoed across Eight Desolaces. Its primal aura instantly drowned out the world in a terrifying manner.

Many trembled instinctively and had thoughts of running away. This was akin to a barehanded mortal suddenly coming across a tiger. Moreover, this power was countless times stronger than an actual tiger.

“Got any idea what that is?” One disciple felt his legs trembling and his hair standing on end.

“The tiger clan’s defining treasure.” An older one heard about a rumor before and connected the dots.

“Raa!” The image of a divine tiger appeared, looking like the ruler of all.

So many felt the urge to prostrate and worship due to this regal power even though it was just a fleeting moment.

“Clank!” The ringing of a bell came next and shook the area.

The sound said it all. This was definitely the supreme treasure of a top clan.

“Tiger God Cauldron, the defining heirloom of the tiger clan.” An elder put on a serious expression.

Those who have heard of it became startled and took a deep breath. This mighty cauldron hasn’t shown up in a long time while being stored at the tiger clan until now.

A protector became excited and wanted to see this legendary item. Very few had this privilege in the past.

“Boom!” The cauldron crossed through the realm and appeared above the demon king before the crowd could react.

It poured down great demonic laws that surround the demon king. Its chaos true energy was different from the regular type.

It contained an original essence of the demon clan. It made the tiger king feel like he was returning to the source – the comfortable safety of one’s home.

“Buzz…” This energy healed his wounds at a rapid rate. They closed in no time at all.

His vitality returned and he was full of vim and vigor as if the battle didn’t happen.

Many spectators were astounded; the protectors and elders became envious. This cauldron was quite magical.

This was the demon king’s biggest advantage – being from the tiger clan.

This clan had a long history in Divine Black. It had experienced the ups and downs of the clan and contributed greatly. Of course, it also ruled the sect for several generations as well.

That’s why its clan members enjoyed certain privileges. They had more treasures and better merit laws than their peers.

For example, the demon king didn’t have a dao lord weapon from the sect but the clan still provided him with this mighty cauldron.

Most importantly, it was extremely suitable for him because it was left behind by a tiger forefather. They shared the same bloodline thus when compared to a similar-level weapon, it would be stronger when used by him.

“High-level heaven, Tiger God Cauldron.” The chief elder himself became envious.

A dao lord weapon might be stronger than this cauldron under normal circumstances. However, this didn’t apply to the demon king’s situation.

All eyes were on the cauldron now. The frame was made from bronze and had numerous divine metals added on top. It was refined numerous times before reaching its final form.

Their patriarch, a great tiger god, had swept through the realms before. This cauldron belonged to him and was passed down as their clan’s ultimate treasure.

“According to the legends, that cauldron has the tiger god’s true blood inside.” One protector became curious.

“It’s true.” The chief elder nodded: “Iron Whip Demon King can harmonize with it.”

The chief elder was one of the few who had seen this cauldron before so he knew quite a bit.

“Fusing with the tiger god’s true blood?” The protector took a deep breath.

Now, they understood why he recovered so quickly. It must have something to do with this true blood.

The demon king’s eyes had a chilling gleam just like the eyes of a tiger god – brimming with divinity. Each strand was sharp like a sword, capable of piercing Li Qiye’s chest.

“You have forced me to use my clan’s heirloom.” The demon king shouted.

“It’s acceptable.” Li Qiye chuckled while staring at the cauldron.

It’s acceptable?

The listeners had a wry smile after hearing this. The ultimate treasure of the tiger clan was only acceptable to Li Qiye?

The demon king turned red from rage due to the disrespectful comment. However, he didn’t need to shout because Li Qiye did the same to the dao lord weapons in the grave.

Their tiger god was certainly amazing but still wasn’t on the same level as South Conch Dao Lord. At least he was being consistent.

What could the crowd do? Li Qiye’s words were unbearable but he had always backed them up.

“Strong words, I don’t know if you can stop my next attack.” The demon king took a deep breath.

“Oh? Well, let me see how much power you can extract from it. If you can muster its entire power, then maybe I can have a good exercise.” Li Qiye smiled.

The demon king’s face turned into the color of a pig’s liver. Nonetheless, it was hard to bark back to such a tough and devilish opponent who has so many cards up his sleeves.

Chap End
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