Chapter 2143 Raw 2248 : Highest Difficulty

Chapter 2143 Raw 2248 : Highest Difficulty

Fiendish Saber Xi Mu!

The figure of the horrifying opponent appeared hazy, looking part illusion and part real. His real figure was hard to distinguish amid the sea of flowers.

This was Xiao Chen’s first time coming across such a strange opponent. However, he did not act rashly but calmly moved back.


As Xiao Chen moved back, he failed to dodge. The other party’s saber sliced a fine wound on the right side of his chest.

Fortunately, this was just a superficial injury and did not pose much of a problem.

“The other party blurred my senses, causing my judgment of the trajectory of his saber to err,” Xiao Chen muttered as he glanced at his wound. He could not help becoming more cautious.

Brandishing his saber, Xi Mu continued charging over. Xiao Chen brought out his Flawless saber Dao as he moved back. Saber light flashed as his figure moved, looking like he was dancing.

Since I cannot judge the trajectory, I will use my body as a saber, my clothes as a saber, and my hair as a saber. My every action will be a saber light flashing.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

Xi Mu’s figure remained hazy. Each swing appeared like a flower blooming. As the saber light danced, it gave off vibrant lights. Hundreds of flowers bloomed, and phantom images layered over each other.

However, no matter how Xi Mu varied his moves, Xiao Chen used his body and thoughts as sabers, covering his entire body in resplendent saber light.

As Xiao Chen moved about, he maintained a tight defense. While he could not make out the other party’s trajectory, the other party could not charge in, either.

The two settled into a stalemate for now.

Up in the palace in the sky, Xi Mu and the other old man watched this battle closely.

“Xi Mu, how strong is this statue?”

Xi Mu replied after some thought, “This statue was forged in the image of my youthful days. Its cultivation and knowledge are limited to when I was two hundred years old. Even so, it is not easy to deal with. However, I truly did not expect him to last for so long.”

While Xiao Chen had fallen into Statue Xi Mu’s strange domain inside the Trial Tower, he was not at a disadvantage, having managed to stabilize his stance.

The other old man smiled and said, “The situation is not good. It seems that you, at two hundred years old, are not a match for him. His saber Dao happens to counter your saber Dao. You are going to have to eat your words this time.”

“Humph! It’s not over yet.”

Although these were facts, Xi Mu still felt somewhat upset. He snorted but did not argue with his old friend.

“He is about to launch his counterattack.”

The other old man’s eyes lit up as he saw Xiao Chen raise the Tyrant Saber and thrust it forward in the Trial Tower.

In that instant, a bright saber light shot at the statue Xi Mu, looking like a laser beam.

“Crack! Crack!”

Crisp sounds rang out, and the flowers shattered, turning into petals drifting on the wind.

“Your misdirection tricks cannot defeat me. Break!” Xiao Chen snorted coldly. Then, he spread out his Thunder Dao Domain, making several thousand lightning bolts appear in the sky.

As Xiao Chen pushed his Thunder Dao Domain to the limits, he stepped forward and thrust his saber forward again.


In that instant, the sea of flowers vanished, and the vast thunder marsh reappeared. Xiao Chen’s Great Dao perfectly matched the environment, the two mutually supportive. His Thunder Dao Domain became even more ferocious.

With the boost to his momentum, Xiao Chen showed no mercy. He immediately attacked with the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s Breaking the Mundane.

“Thump!” The statue’s heart skipped a beat as his thoughts wandered. The various events of the mundane world fleeted through his mind, wondrous scenes of the past appearing.

By the time the statue Xi Mu startled awake, Xiao Chen’s saber light already approached him.


The Tyrant Saber stabbed in, and Xi Mu’s body shattered, turning into countless fragments like a broken mirror.

The illusions disappeared, and the statue Xi Mu appeared behind. A wound with blood spurting out appeared on his right shoulder.

He had been somewhat too slow to dodge the earlier move.

Buddhist’s Seven Kill Seal!

Xiao Chen became like the lotus flower not retaining water or the sun and moon never remaining in the sky forever.

“Resolving the Mundane!”

The torrential attacks seemed more like a peaceful river in Xiao Chen’s hand, showing total control.

The other party had just stood up when an eternal and inextinguishable saber light, boosted by the sevenfold killing Qi, swept out.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Countless cracks appeared in the vast thunder marsh as Resolving the Mundane swept out. Then, the statue Xi Mu descended rapidly. The ground below him seemed empty as he continued to fall.

“Pu ci!”

The statue Xi Mu vomited a mouthful of blood. However, he merely found this saber light somewhat difficult to deal with as he continuously moved back.

“Old Friend, you really are going to lose.”

The old man across Xi Mu appeared slightly shocked as he said, “The Buddhist sect’s forbidden technique, the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, is truly horrifying. The fortuitous encounters he came across are much better than those you had when you were two hundred years old. Even more problematic, his saber Dao happens to counter your flower domain.”

Xi Mu appeared very calm. “You are overthinking. Since the Trial Tower’s establishment, my statue has never been defeated on the first attempt. It’s not like it does not have any trump cards. Just wait and see; the show is just beginning!”

It looked like the boundless saber light would completely swallow up the statue Xi Mu in the vast thunder marsh when he suddenly shouted, “What is a Fiend?!”

Then, the statue Xi Mu pointed his saber to the sky. The tall mountains behind him in the vast thunder marsh seemed to come to life.

The statue Xi Mu’s aura suddenly soared as he swung his saber to clash with the saber strike infused with Xiao Chen’s sevenfold killing Qi.

At this moment, the tall mountains in the thunder marsh turned into a saber light and enveloped the statue Xi Mu’s saber.


The two saber lights clashed, producing a terrifying sound. The thunder in the sky was like the buzzing of mosquitoes in comparison.

“What is a Fiend?!”

Amid the chaos of the saber-light-filled sky, the statue Xi Mu turned into a beam of flowing light. Cracks appeared on his face; he was clearly already a spent force.

As the saber moved, Xiao Chen’s surroundings—the mountains, the lakes, the rivers, and the marsh—all seemed to come to life.

As all these things wriggled, they turned into hundreds of saber lights in different styles, surrounding Xiao Chen.

Every strand of saber light appeared to be alive. Every one of them had its own style, all boundlessly outstanding.

The vastness of the mountains, the rage of the river, and the calm of the lake—every saber light was different.

Shock appeared in Xiao Chen’s eyes. What Saber Technique is this? I have never seen or heard of it before.

The other party’s execution of this still appears somewhat rudimentary and looks like he is forcing it.

Even so, it is already somewhat ridiculously strong, inducing despair.

No wonder no one has managed to defeat him on their first attempt.

Who can block such a move the first time they encounter it?

If it were one month ago, Xiao Chen would have been defeated. Now, he had In the Mortal Realm to clash with it.

Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique, In the Mortal Realm!

Xiao Chen did not have time to think much. He immediately executed the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique’s In the Mortal Realm. A supreme killing Buddha descended into the mortal world, suppressing the place.

The swastika mark on Xiao Chen’s forehead released a bright light. Then, the light turned into a gigantic supreme killing Buddha in the next moment.


The moment the supreme killing Buddha manifested, it appeared expressionless. It pushed out its two palms, and the hundreds of saber lights paused in the air, unable to move forward or backward.

“Bang!” Then, all the saber lights broke. With Buddha in the mortal realm, the surroundings were suppressed.

Xiao Chen chose for Buddha to be in the mortal realm. As a result, this move became the strongest defensive move of the Mahāmāyā Abstinence Violation Saber Technique.


After Xiao Chen broke this last attack, the spent statue Xi Mu shattered before him.

“Trial Taker Xiao Chen, congratulations on successfully overcoming the highest difficulty of the third floor. Since the Trial Tower’s establishment, you are the first cultivator to defeat Fiendish Saber Xi Mu on the first attempt.”

This time, the Glory Stele did not release any light. Xiao Chen had not broken the third floor’s record.

Fiendish Saber Xi Mu…

Inside the Trial Tower, Xiao Chen remained silent as he pondered. So, this senior is called Xi Mu.

I wonder if he managed to complete his saber Dao. If he did, I really want to take a look.

“This is your reward: five thousand Faux God Coins. Like before, you also obtained a special privilege.”

Xiao Chen put away the Faux God Coins and said, “I’ll keep the special privilege in reserve first.”

“What’s wrong? You are not going to continue the challenge?”

Xiao Chen shook his head and said, “There’s no need. I drained myself too much earlier. Furthermore, I already gained a lot on this floor. There is no need to struggle on.”

“Alright. You have time in the future. I’ll send you out.”

A light flashed, and the Item Spirit sent Xiao Chen out. This immediately startled many people.

Now, several hundred people had gathered outside the Trial Tower. Just slightly over one hundred belonged to the Heavenly Alliance.

“Xiao Chen came out!”

“How young!”

“Why did he come out after just the third floor?”

“Strange. He took the initiative to leave after clearing the third floor. How strong exactly is this person?”

Various discussions cropped up.

Xiao Chen’s expression remained calm as he ignored everyone and walked over to Ao Jiao, minding his own business.

Chap End
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