Chapter 4582: The Selfish King

Two hours had passed since the formation had been activated. The process should have been finished by now, but neither Shengguang Yunyue nor the elders opened the doors and barged in right away.

Instead, they stood neatly by the two sides of the entrance, waiting patiently.

“Paying respects to Lord Clan Chief.”

Shortly later, a figure walked over. All of the experts of the Holy Light Clan, including Shengguang Yunyue, quickly lowered their heads.

It was Shengguang Xuanye, the person that they had been waiting for.

“You haven’t entered yet?”

In truth, Shengguang Xuanye already had a good idea as to what had happened inside just by looking at the tightly shut doors.

“We humbly invite Lord Clan Chief to personally open the doors!” the elders echoed in unison.

Shengguang Xuanye didn’t blame the elders for that. Instead, there was a smile on his face. While they had said that there was no guarantee that Shengguang Yu could be treated, they were still quite confident about it.

In fact, even if the ceremony failed and Shengguang Yu wasn’t fully healed, he would still have recovered to a decent degree.

The reason why they were so confident of it was naturally because they had an outstanding cauldron known as Chu Feng.

“Open the doors!” Shengguang Xuanye said with a wave of his hand.

There was also a smile on his face as he looked forward to seeing his grandson being born anew.

Chu Feng’s talents had far surpassed what the elders of the Holy Light Clan expected. This meant that there was a good chance that his grandson could inherit Chu Feng’s talents too.

In other words, the person that was in the dark temple right now wasn’t just a healthy Shengguang Yu, but possibly the strongest prodigy of the Holy Light Clan too!!!

However, at the moment that the doors to the dark temple were opened, everyone felt a clench in their chests.

There was nothing they expected to see in the dark temple. There was no healthy Shengguang Yu and no withered corpse of Chu Feng. All that could be seen was a huge puddle of blood…

“Where is he? Where is he?! Where’s my Yu’er?!?!”

Shengguang Xuanye panicked. The smile on his face vanished in an instant, and he began hollering at the elders, demanding an explanation.

“W-we didn’t see young master Yu coming out!”

The elders were all flustered too. They had no idea what was going on.

“Lord Clan Chief, bad news!”

Meanwhile, Shengguang Yunyue had proceeded into the dark temple to inspect the puddle of blood on the ground. The results of her inspection caused her heart to sink.

“Could that be Yu’er’s blood?” Shengguang Xuanye asked.

His face was growing uglier and uglier by the moment.

“Yes, it’s young master Yu’s blood,” Shengguang Yunyue replied.

“Damn it!”

Shengguang Xuanye quickly walked into the dark temple to inspect the blood himself too. When he confirmed that it was indeed Shengguang Yu’s blood, his face turned menacingly livid.

Given the amount of blood loss, even if Shengguang Yu was still alive, he must have undergone some unbearable torture.


It was then that a formation appeared in the midst of the hall, revealing two figures. They were Chu Feng and Shengguang Yu.

Shengguang Yu was still alive, but his body was filled with more holes than a beehive would have. On the other hand, Chu Feng was completely healthy, and he was holding the unconscious Shengguang Yu up by the scruff of his neck as if he was a chick.

Chu Feng looked in the direction of the entrance of the dark temple with a smile on his lips.

“How despicable the Holy Light Clan is. I stood forward to fight for the Holy Light Galaxy, but you sought to claim my life instead. However, I must say that you have really underestimated me far too much.

“You wanted to use my life to save Shengguang Yu, but his life is in my hands right now. I’m warning all of you. If you want him to live, you better not pull anything.”

Right after those words were spoken, the formation dissipated, and the two figures vanished too.

“That useless fool!!!”

Shengguang Xuanye’s furious howl trembled the dark temple.

He immediately used his means to trace Chu Feng’s whereabouts, but to his shock, it wasn’t working at all.

Chu Feng had indeed escaped, and they had no idea where he had gone to.

This only further incited Shengguang Xuanye’s rage. His eyes were nearly pouring flames out.

In his view, Chu Feng’s act of torturing Shengguang Yu and leaving this formation behind wasn’t just a warning; it was a provocation! A provocation that he couldn’t accept!!!

“Lord Clan Chief, it’s our incompetence that led to this. We beg for your mercy!”

All of the elders present, with the exception of Shengguang Yunyue, immediately kneeled to the ground in fright.

They knew just how much Shengguang Xuanye doted on Shengguang Yu, and there was no way Shengguang Xuanye would let them off easily after they allowed Chu Feng to harm Shengguang Yu and kidnap him right under their eyelids.

In this tense atmosphere, Shengguang Yunyue spoke up.

“Lord Clan Chief, there’s only one entrance to this forbidden ground, and I have been guarding there all this while. The door hasn’t opened even once since I brought him in, so he must be still here.

“However, it’s a fact that he has managed to make a getaway right beneath our eyelids. He must either possess greater means than we expected or else…

“Lord Clan Chief, is it possible that we might have provoked…”

Shengugang Yunyue didn’t finish her words, but a hint of fear had surfaced in her eyes.

“Provoked what? Are you trying to say that we have provoked someone who we shouldn’t have?” Shengguang Xuanye asked imposingly.

“I dare not to say for sure, but Chu Feng’s disappearance is extremely suspicious…”

Shengguang Yunyue’s voice was very hesitant, as if fearing that she would provoke Shengguang Xuanye’s wrath.

Despite being honored as one of the Supreme Elders of the Holy Light Clan, she was still frightened of Shengguang Xuanye.

“Fool. If he does have such a background, the one who is escaping right now isn’t him but us!” Shengguang Xuanye spoke certainly.

He didn’t think that Chu Feng had such a terrifying background. If he had thought so, he wouldn’t have dared to make a move against Chu Feng in the first place.

“Lord Clan Chief is right. I was overthinking this matter.”

Shengguang Yunyue also thought that Shengguang Xuanye’s words made more sense. She pondered for a moment before asking once more, “Lord Clan Chief, what should we do then?”

Shengguang Xuanye didn’t respond right away. He closed his eyes and contemplated for a while before he finally opened his eyes once more.

“Announce to the world that Chu Feng was discovered trying to steal our Holy Light Bloodline Essence, killing our clan members and kidnapping Yu’er in the midst of doing so. He has committed an unpardonable crime, and we shall put him on a bounty.

“If anyone captures or kills Chu Feng, he’ll be handsomely rewarded by our clan!” Shengguang Xuanye said with gritted teeth.

“But Lord Clan Chief, if we were to do that, young master Yu might…”

Shengguang Yunyue was afraid that their actions might provoke Chu Feng, leading him to do something to Shengguang Yu.

“What are you thinking of? How can our Holy Light Clan be threatened by a mere junior? Do you want me to become a puppet of that brat just because Yu’er has been captured?

“I have already given Yu’er a chance, but his incompetence led to him getting captured by a mere cauldron. He’s a humiliation to our Holy Light Clan! If Chu Feng really kills him in a moment of desperation, that would be what he deserves!

“Do as I have said and devote all of our forces to capturing him! I must see his head, dead or alive! Also, I want you to investigate Chu Feng. Do not let anyone who has close ties with him off!” Shengguang Xuanye instructed.


Shengguang Xuanye and the other elders answered. It was just that there was a complicated look in their eyes.

Shengguang Xuanye was unwilling to compromise with Chu Feng even if it meant sacrificing Shengguang Yu. Chu Feng didn’t even raise any requests thus far, only asking them to stay put and not attempt anything. Yet, Shengguang Xuanye still unhesitatingly chose to cast away Shengguang Yu for his own pride.

And in truth, this was no the first time they were seeing Shengguang Xuanye’s viciousness.

It was just that they were also well aware of just how much Shengguang Xuanye was fond of Shengguang Yu. In order to treat Shengguang Yu, Shengguang Xuanye spent a great deal of effort to prepare this formation. He brought it all around with him just so that he was ready to activate this formation whenever possible to treat Shengguang Yu.

It was the knowledge of this that made them even more astonished.

They never thought that Shengguang Xuanye would be so cold-blooded as to even cast away Shengguang Yu, his own grandson, for his own pride. This was truly an act of utmost selfishness.

And this was the kind of person that the overlord of the Holy Light Galaxy was.

Chap End
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