Chapter 4586: The Carrot and the Stick

Meanwhile, Chu Feng was feeling a little nervous on the inside, but he hadn’t completely given up hope yet. As long as the Holy Light Clan had yet to find Shengguang Yu, they would dare not make a move on him.

Besides, Chu Feng still had cards in his hands like the Divine Deer. If the Divine Deer was magnanimous enough to help him, he would surely be able to escape with ease.

It was for such reasons that Chu Feng dared to come to the Storm Realm to save Chu Lingxi and Gu Mingyuan.

Shengguang Yunyue brought him all the way to the Holy Light Clan’s camp in the Storm Realm. This time, however, he was not granted the treatment of the esteemed guest; instead, he was imprisoned in an eerie cell.

When the door to the cell was opened, Chu Feng realized that there was already a group of people inside waiting for him. Among them was the current clan chief of the Holy Light Clan, Shengguang Xuanye.

“Young friend Chu Feng, I admire your guts. You actually dared to return here. Men, bring young friend Chu Feng a seat!” Shengguang Xuanye said.

Astonishingly, someone actually really went to bring a chair over for Chu Feng.

However, Chu Feng refused to sit down, and instead, he said, “Since things have already gotten to this point, there’s no need for you to put on a hypocritical act anymore. The only reason why you haven’t made a move on me yet is because of Shengguang Yu.”

Seeing this, Shengguang Xuanye chuckled softly to himself before replying, “Yu’er is still alive, right?”

“Of course. How am I going to bargain with you if he’s dead?” Chu Feng replied.

“Young friend Chu Feng, it looks like there’s some misunderstanding going on here. You just have to tell me where Shengguang Yu is right now, and I won’t make things difficult for you. We’ll call it quits,” Shengguang Xuanye said.

“Shengguang Yu is in my formation right now,” Chu Feng said.

“What formation? Where’s the formation you speak of?”

The members of the Holy Light Clan questioned anxiously. They could sense that Shengguang Yu was not in a good state at the moment.

“You may rest easy. Even though Shengguang Yu is inside a killing formation I have built, he’s still safe for the time being, at least until the time is up. However, I have to remind you that time is ticking. You only have half a month’s time.

“Unless I personally remove the formation within half a month’s time, the formation will activate on its own accord and torture Shengguang Yu to death,” Chu Feng said.

“Bastard! You’re really asking for it!”

The members of the Holy Light Clan lost their temper. They whipped out their weapons and torture tools, ready to make a move on Chu Feng.

However, Shengguang Xuanye raised his hand and stopped them.

Seeing this, those of the Holy Light Clan quickly stopped what they were doing.

“Young friend Chu Feng, do you not trust my words?” Shengguang Xuanye asked.

“I’ll be frank with you. I don’t trust you. However, you can be assured that I, Chu Feng, am a man of my words. As long as you let me leave peacefully, I’ll return Shengguang Yu safe and sound to the Holy Light Clan,” Chu Feng said.

“Young friend Chu Feng, it looks like there’s no way for us to carry on with this negotiation. Since you aren’t willing to let Yu’er go, you shouldn’t blame us for making things difficult for you either.”

Shengguang Xuanye’s kind face suddenly turned incredibly cold, as if a demon finally showing its true face.

The members of the Holy Light Clan immediately took away the chair that was brought in for Chu Feng and pinned him onto a torture rack.

All sorts of venomous worms and torture equipment were laid out open for display right before Chu Feng’s eyes.

“Young friend Chu Feng, it’s not our wish to come to this step with you. Release Shengguang Yu right now, and you can be spared from physical agony,” Supreme Elder Shengguang Yunyue said.

“It would be my greatest honor to bring the blood-related grandson of the great Clan Chief Shengguang Xuanye down to hell with me.”

However, Chu Feng had no intention of backing down either. He was prepared to face whatever the Holy Light Clan was going to dish out at him.

“Of all things, you just had to choose the difficult path. Since this is what you have chosen, you should have a taste of the price of your obstinacy. Men, show him the fate of those who dare to stand against our Holy Light Clan!!!” Shengguang Yunyue shouted.

Following that, a few men grabbed torture tools and began making their way toward Chu Feng.


Yet, facing such a frightening scene, Chu Feng showed no hints of fear at all. Instead, a smile crept onto his lips. It was a smile that revealed his disdain for the Holy Light Clan, as if daring them to do their worst.

This smile stoked the rage of everyone from the Holy Light Clan.

Without any hesitation, the members of the Holy Light Clan began using their torture tools on Chu Feng.

At the start, Chu Feng was still able to hold on, but as the torture escalated with time, it soon reached a point where he could hardly bear anymore. He began releasing heart-rending roars of agony.

But despite the great pain he was under, he still didn’t divulge Shengguang Yu’s location. He knew just how despicable the Holy Light Clan was.

Shengguang Yu was his only card to negotiate with the Holy Light Clan. As long as the Holy Light Clan didn’t know where Shengguang Yu was, Chu Feng had a chance at survival. He knew that once this card was lost, he would be killed without any doubt.

Thus, he had to hold on no matter how hard it got.

The torture on Chu Feng lasted for two whole hours.

Everything on the table, ranging from the torture equipment to the venomous worms, made its round on Chu Feng’s body. It didn’t take long for his blood and flesh to be fully exposed, such that he didn’t look human anymore.

Yet, he still refused to divulge Shengguang Yu’s whereabouts.

This put the members of the Holy Light Clan in a spot.

“Lord Clan Chief, what should we do?” Shengguang Yunyue walked up to Shengguang Xuanye and asked.

Their initial plan was to force Chu Feng to spit out Shengguang Yu’s whereabouts, but to their shock, Chu Feng was far more tight-lipped than they had expected. This left Shengguang Yunyue at a loss as to what to do next.

“That brat’s mouth sure is tight. Since that’s the case, we should just grant him a quick death,” Shengguang Xuanye said.

“But Lord Clan Chief, if we were to kill him, Yu’er will also be…” Shengguang Yunyue asked anxiously.

“You have also seen it for yourself. This man is a person with guts. If we allow him to escape now, he’ll eventually become a threat to us all.

“I also wish for Yu’er safety too, but if we release him for Yu’er, we’ll be creating a huge risk for us. This is not a risk that I’m willing to take. Besides, it’s not certain whether he would really let Yu’er go even if we were to release him,” Shengguang Xuanye said.

Those words made the members of the Holy Light Clan fall silent. They felt that what Shengguang Xuanye had just said made perfect sense.

Chu Feng’s astounding talents were one thing, but his fearless character made him a terrifying enemy. Even the top brass of the Holy Light Clan didn’t think that it was wise to let a junior as frightening as Chu Feng off easily.

Following that, Shengguang Xuanye stood up and made his way up to Chu Feng.

“I must say that you’re a smart man, Chu Feng. You’re right. Even if you told me where Yu’er is, I still wouldn’t have let you go. I can’t possibly allow someone like you to exist in our Holy Light Galaxy.

“Even if I have to eliminate you at the expense of my grandson, it would still be a worthy deal,” Shengguang Xuanye spat out with gritted teeth.

Killing intent flared from his body as his face glowered in ferocity.

He was intending to kill Chu Feng with his own hands!!!

Chap End
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