Chapter 4596: Little Demon King

What was the most eye-catching here wasn’t the long line of world spiritists queuing up to be granted entry into the Incubation Forest, but the humongous war chariots towering right above the Incubation Forest.

The war chariots, together with the thousands of massive beasts pulling it, were like huge swathes of dark clouds blocking the sunlight on the ground. It shrouded the crowd beneath along with their hearts, making many feel uncomfortable.

As a result, the slightly noisy surroundings fell awkwardly silent.

Everyone knew that the arrival of the Gongsun Clan’s war chariot meant that the juniors of the Gongsun Clan had arrived and was about to enter the Incubation Forest. However, no one was coming out of the war chariot even after some time passed, leaving the crowd feeling a little confused as to what their intentions were.


Finally, the doors to the war chariot opened, and three young men walked out from within.

“Gongsun Leiyu, Gongsun Qingyang, and Gongsun Haotian? The three of them are intending to compete in the Incubation Forest?”

Upon seeing the three of them, the faces of the juniors beneath turned ugly. Some of them even looked despaired.

“Everyone, may I ask you to stand aside and allow us to pass?”

While everyone was feeling a myriad of emotions, the three juniors of the Gongsun Clan descended to the ground. While they had landed at the very back of the queue, they had already began walking forth, straight toward the entrance of the spirit formation gate.

Needless to say, those standing in front stood aside and opened up a pathway for the three juniors of the Gongsun Clan to pass through.

They were cutting queue, and they were doing it extremely naturally, as if it was a privilege bestowed upon them by the world.

Yet, none of the underlings guarding the spirit formation gate tried to stop them. As such, the three juniors of the Gongsun Clan managed to enter the world spiritist formation unimpeded.

And astonishingly, after the three of them entered, many of those in the queue didn’t return to the queue right away. They seemed to be too shaken by the appearance of the Gongsun Clan’s juniors.

It was only until the massive war chariot that was stopped in mid-air finally moved elsewhere that everyone finally snapped out of their daze right away. A huge commotion swiftly broke out.

“The three of them are here to fight for the slots, and there are only three slots here in total!”

“What’s the point of staying here then? We might as well just give up!”

“Great heaven, what is with this despairing situation? You aren’t giving us a way out at all!”

The junior world spiritists congregating the area began wailing out loud. There were some who looked displeased, and others who looked indignant. But the expression common to all of them was helplessness.

Through the discussions of the crowd, Chu Feng came to learn that the three juniors of the Gongsun Clan who had just arrived were Gongsun Leiyu, Gongsun Qingyang, and Gongsun Haotian. Despite being juniors, all three of them had already reached rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation.

In other words, they possessed strength comparable to a rank eight Utmost Exalted level cultivator.

“Look, big brother Chu Feng. I told you that you shouldn’t harbor any hopes for this! Putting aside that you’re only at rank two Dragon Transformation Sensation, it would be difficult even if you managed to advance one rank up. Those guys are at rank four!

“We should just focus on looking for the Divine Rejuvenation Pearl. It’s best not to bear too many expectations for the slots of the matchmaking convention,” Song Yun whispered quietly into Chu Feng’s ears.

For some reason, though, this lass had a gleeful edge to her tone, as if she was delighted by the current turn of affairs.

“A bunch of scaredy cats. Is the Gongsun Clan really that frightening? Look at how afraid all of you are!” a dissonant voice suddenly sounded from this crowd.

The arrogant tone taken showed that he wasn’t just dissing the junior world spiritists presence but the three prodigies of the Gongsun Clan too.

Everyone was still wondering where this fool had come from to dare spout such haughty words and humiliate them. However, when they finally got a clearer glimpse as to where the voice came from, they quickly swallowed their complaints back in.

The person who had just spoken was a young man dressed in black armor. Yet, his skin was ghastly white, as if blood didn’t run in his body. The contrast between his armor and his skin made him look peculiarly eerie.

However, this young man was, by no means, ugly. On the contrary, he was good-looking, carrying a devilish sort of charm.

His name was Yin Tianchou, though most people knew him as the Little Demon King.

Yin Tianchou’s teacher was renowned in the Nine Souls Galaxy as one of the strongest world spiritists here, second only to the Wretched Black Demon and the Sagacious Grandmaster. Due to his preference for fire-related world spiritist techniques, he was dubbed as the Fire Yama.

A part of Yin Tianchou’s resounding reputation naturally came from his powerful teacher, but that didn’t mean that Yin Tianchou himself was a wastrel. It was the opposite instead; Yin Tianchou was strong.

Yin Tianchou was currently still at rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation, which put him at a disadvantage against the three prodigies from the Gongsun Clan they encountered earlier. However, that could mostly be attributed to his young age.

Yin Tianchou wasn’t even fifty this year.

On the other hand, the three prodigies of the Gongsun Clan were already in their nineties, on the verge of exceeding the range which one could be considered a ‘junior’. It could be said that Yin Tianchou had only trained for half the amount of years those three had lived.

Judging by Yin Tianchou’s talents, there was no doubt that he could reach rank four Dragon Transformation Sensation by the time he reached his nineties. In fact, even rank five wasn’t out of question either!

Other than that, Yin Tianchou’s fighting prowess was also one to be beheld. He had once fought against hundreds of rank six Utmost Exalted level cultivators with his rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation and won with ease.

One must know that rank three Dragon Transformation Sensation was only comparable to rank six Utmost Exalted level cultivators. Typically speaking, martial cultivators would still win against world spiritists of the equivalent tier.

From this, it could be seen that Yin Tianchou was truly a formidable figure.

All of these factors had contributed to Yin Tianchou’s reputation, making him even more renowned than the three prodigies of the Gongsun Clan who had just entered a moment ago. He was dubbed the only junior who was able to shake the standing of the juniors from the Gongsun Clan and Zhuge Clan.

Despite Yin Tianchou’s talents, he was definitely not a good person. He was violent and lustful, and there were plenty of beauties and innocent civilians who had died in his hands. It was for that reason that he became known as the Little Demon King.

His appearance only deepened the fear of those all around, causing them to dart away in fear. In fact, there was hardly anyone who dared to meet his eye, fearing that they would accidentally provoke him.

Seeing this, Yin Tianchou laughed gleefully to himself. He rested his hands behind his head as he walked toward the spirit formation gate while whistling a leisurely tune. His relaxed demeanor reflected his deep confidence.

It was only Yin Tianchou who had finally disappeared in the spirit formation gate that the crowd quickly congregated back in.

“We really mustn’t go in anymore.”

“Yin Tianchou is a vicious character. We’ll be doomed if we were to encounter him inside!”

“Indeed. That fellow is a monster who sucks people’s blood! In this kind of competition without rules, he’ll slaughter everyone in sight. Anyone who bumps into it will be a goner!”

The crowd discussed amongst themselves.

The appearances of the three prodigies of the Gongsun Clan had left the crowd feeling despaired, thinking that there was no hope in winning the competition. However, Yin Tianchou’s appearance made everyone horrified, and they dared not even enter the spirit formation gate anymore out of fear of dying in vain.

“Is there anyone else who wishes to enter? Otherwise, please stand aside and allow me to pass,” another man spoke up at this moment.

He had an average-looking face compared to Yin Tianchou, and he was dressed in humble robes too.

Before entering the spirit formation gate, an individual would have to test his talents and report his own background.

Due to that, everyone knew that the man came from the Nine Souls Galaxy’s Xia Clan, going by the name of Xia Yan.

Following that, a purple-robed man stepped forward too.

Compared to Xia Yan, this purple-robed man had a cleaner appearance, and his gestures gave off an effeminate vibe. If not for his voice, the crowd would have really thought that he was a girl.

This purple-robed man was Xiao Yu, an unaffiliated world spiritist.

Just like Xia Yan, Xiao Yu also barely had any reputation too.

“Hah! When a forest gets too big, there’s bound to be fearless fools who fail to notice their place and charge right into danger. To put it frankly, they’re just praying for things to work out somehow. Even if they die in there, no one will take pity on them!”

The crowd felt that both Xia Yan and Xiao Yu were foolish for daring to enter the spirit formation gate despite Yin Tianchou’s appearance.

Chu Feng, on the other hand, had a grim look on his face. His instincts were telling him that both Xia Yan and Xiao Yu were no ordinary people.

“There sure are many worthy competitors around. Truly interesting.”

The appearances of these prodigies had brought Chu Feng a bit of stress. It made him realize that putting aside the matchmaking convention, even this Incubation Forest would be a trial for him.

However, he liked this kind of feeling. Only with challenge could he metamorphosis.

Chap End
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