Chapter 2486 – Gloomy Atmosphere

Chapter 2486: Gloomy Atmosphere

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The inhabitants of the city below had been shocked by the battles. The Wind Shrine’s Leader had even been killed!

“Lin Feng is so strong. He showed up again and now he can compete with the Shrines’ leaders! He can even kill some! How incredible!” murmured some people.

Lin Feng went back to the old ox and said, “Brother Ox, I’m sorry.”

“Who would have thought such a thing would happen? You did nothing wrong. The only problem is who sold you out?” said the old ox. Someone had betrayed them. Their plan was perfect, they could have had a beautiful victory.

“But we still won even if we suffered losses,” the old ox sighed. Lights flashed, the peerless bestial Saint and the old ox disappeared.

Lin Feng took out his jade talisman and said, “How are things?”

“The Fire Shrine’s teleportation portal is wrecked. The Fire Shrine’s members haven’t had time to come back using teleportation. We’re done here. The Fire Shrine is already a mess. I’m looking for your clone,” answered the peerless bestial Saint who hadn’t come with Lin Feng to the Wind Shrine. He had gone to the Fire Shrine with the nine high-level bestial Saints. When Lin Feng had noticed the teleportation portal of the Fire Shrine, he had noted its location.

Initially, the teleportation portal hadn’t been used because the Fire Shrine’s cultivators had already been here. Therefore, Lin Feng had made them break the teleportation portal as quickly as possible. The peerless bestial Saint had taken a peerless Saint’s Weapon and the high-level bestial Saints, they had done a great job.

“Thank you for your hard work,” said Lin Feng. It had been very dangerous for them. If the Fire Shrine’s cultivators had been able to use the teleportation portal, things could have been worse.

“We found your clone, how are you there, Lin Feng?”

“You can talk to my clone,” replied Lin Feng. He put the jade talisman away. His clone had been stuck in the Fire Shrine for so many years. Lin Feng hated the Fire Shrine more than anything.

“Lin Feng!” the Fortune Shrine’s Leader called out to Lin Feng. His silhouette flickered and landed next to him.

“Leader, how bad are the losses?” asked Lin Feng.

“When we arrived, you had already become even stronger, so we didn’t suffer too many losses,” replied the Fortune Shrine’s Leader.

“But…” Lin Feng sensed something, the Divine Wrath Alliance’s people were looking at him icily. Lin Feng had used them. They had suffered great losses.

“Lin Feng, we admit that you are extremely strong and talented. You’re an extraordinary person, however, that being the case, you used us to fight against the Fire Shrine, and you didn’t use your full strength until the Fortune Shrine’s alliance arrived. The three great alliances suffered tragic losses. That’s not good,” said someone.

Many people from the three great alliances thought that way. They had seen how strong Lin Feng was, and he hadn’t protected them properly. They were really unhappy, Lin Feng had really used them for the benefit of the Fortune Shrine.

Lin Feng looked at them and said, “I know you all think that way. I hadn’t thought the battle would end up this way. I am really, really sorry. Regarding my strength, I became stronger during the battle, and one of my protectors saved my life at that precise moment. Do you really think I would want my allies to get killed?”

“You don’t care. From now on, the Fortune Shrine doesn’t need to fear the seven Shrines’ alliance.”

“I think the Divine Wrath Shrine should settle here in the Wind Shrine’s city. If you feel like it, we can settle here, and you can choose a new leader. If you wish, I can continue being the leader and someday, when the Divine Wrath Shrine become stable and powerful enough, I can leave,” said Lin Feng.

He didn’t try to explain anything, he just kept his composure. Many people’s heart twitched: Divine Wrath Shrine?“I am also willing to offer three peerless Saint’s Weapons as a sign of gratitude,” said Lin Feng. Everybody’s heart started pounding. They started believing Lin Feng, maybe it was an accident.

“I trust him. And I am willing to join you to create the Divine Wrath Shrine,” said Zi Zhu. Everybody glanced at him. Being the founding member of a Shrine was really something amazing. Many years in the future, maybe the Divine Wrath Shrine would tower aloft, and everybody in the Continent of the Nine Clouds would know them.

“Alright, I trust him too. Lin Feng doesn’t need to lie to us,” said an old man. Everybody started believing him and most people ended up agreeing to found the Divine Wrath Shrine. Even though they had suffered great losses, the three great alliances could now become the Divine Wrath Shrine. Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon and Zi Zhu were extremely strong, and now they just needed an ultimate weapon.

“Everybody can discuss the details. The Wind Shrine’s ultimate weapon is in the Empty Space Shrine’s Leader’s hands now. He will not give it up for sure, so they will probably argue about it. The Wind Shrine will never be able to rise again. From now on, this place is the Divine Wrath Shrine,” said Lin Feng calmly. Excitement began to build.

Then Lin Feng looked at the Fortune Shrine’s Leader and said, “Leader, I can’t modify the scepter, take it back.”

The Fortune Shrine’s Leader looked at Lin Feng. He didn’t understand, Lin Feng sounded a bit harsh.

“Lin Feng, I gave you the Scepter of Destiny, maybe you can’t modify it now, but in the future, you will understand,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader insistently. Finally, Lin Feng nodded reluctantly.

“Lin Feng.” An old man came up to Lin Feng and smiled.

“Master, King of the Ten Thousand Beasts.” The King of the Ten Thousand Beasts had helped Lin Feng in the past, so Lin Feng respected him.

“Call me brother now. Back then, I never thought you would progress so fast, or that you’d change the situation of the Continent of the Nine Clouds before me,” said the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts, smiling.

“Brother, I wouldn’t have thought it’d be you, either. No wonder you came to look for me back then in the small world. And on top of that, you had already transcended worldliness.”

“Back in the days, you experienced my lives. One of them was my first life. Back in the days, I founded the World Clan, but the Fire Shrine oppressed me and wanted the World Clan to disappear forever. Therefore, I took my people away and hid in another world for a very long time to practice hard and come back to life,” said the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts, smiling in a carefree manner. “But the Fire Shrine’s Leader is strong. He’s already extremely old, older than most of the other Leaders. But I intend to take the Fighting Phantoms with me to go and fight against him.”

“We must destroy the Fire Shrine,” said Lin Feng.

“Yes. When do you want to attack?” asked the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts.

“First, the members of the Divine Wrath Shrine need to rest. Our enemies can’t pose a threat to us for now,” said Lin Feng calmly.

“Lin Feng, I don’t think so. Now is the best opportunity to attack. We could target the Dazzling Gold Shrine, for example,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader.

“I agree. What do you think, Lin Feng?” said the King of the Ten Thousand Beasts, his smile hard.

Lin Feng shook his head. He didn’t agree.

“Since you don’t agree, we won’t force you. Fortune Shrine’s Leader, let’s go to the Dazzling Gold Shrine together?”

“Alright,” said the Fortune Shrine’s Leader nodded. Then he glanced at Lin Feng in a meaningful way and left with his group.

Very quickly, only the members of the three great alliances were left there. Lin Feng gazed into the distance and the others were in the sky.

The only ones who knew who he was, were Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon, the Fortune Shrine’s Leader, and the Diviner. Nobody among the peerless Saints of the three great alliances knew who he really was. Someone had sold him out, and that was why they had had such problems.

At that moment, someone slowly walked to Lin Feng. Lin Feng turned around and saw the Diviner. He smiled and said, “Teacher.”

“I am well aware you couldn’t anticipate all this. Don’t worry,” the Diviner smiled. He was trying to cheer Lin Feng up.

“Teacher, it was a man-caused calamity,” Lin Feng said to the Diviner.

The Diviner was sad for Lin Feng. He had known Lin Feng for a very long time. He gazed into the distance and said, “Lin Feng, you know, as the Leader of a Shrine, you think of the Shrine first. And making the Fortune Shrine powerful is the Fortune Shrine’s Leader’s goal.”

Lin Feng’s heart twitched and he said, “And everything that happened before? Was that fake?”

“Eh…” The Diviner sighed and left. Lin Feng looked at the Diviner’s back. Lin Feng was a member of the Fortune Shrine, what if he had died during the battle?

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