Chapter 2496 – Millions of Changes

Chapter 2496: Millions of Changes

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“Piss off!” The Demon King’s will was being absorbed, he kept shouting furiously. The whole palace exploded and collapsed. The members of the Demon Shrine saw that and fled in terror.

Chu Chun Qiu and Lin Feng came out of the explosion. Lin Feng was still holding the Scepter of Destiny, the Demon King was still seated on his throne. Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon appeared, an indistinct spirit. Qi dashed to the skies. He was using the strength of the Demon King!

“Die!” People heard the loud shout. The soundwave rolled out, and eighteen demons appeared, their Qi was flaring with menace. At the same time, Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon waved his hand, Qi emerged and surged towards Lin Feng and Chu Chun Qiu.

“Argh!” shouted Chu Chun Qiu furiously. He raised his head to the sky, taking a deep breath. He looked free from inhibitions and crazily happy.

“What a powerful strength! I wouldn’t have thought the Demon King could grant me such incredible power! No wonder you’re so strong, even though you’re just an image!” shouted Chu Chun Qiu, staring at the Demon King. Abruptly, he started running, not towards the Demon King but towards Lin Feng. Lin Feng suddenly felt a dangerous absorbing strength draining his vitality and will. Chu Chun Qiu wanted to absorb him!

“Time, standstill!” said Lin Feng coldly. Time stopped, but Chu Chun Qiu was too determined, it was difficult to do anything against him. It was his nature to go against the laws of the world, it was how he had become a Saint long ago. If he continued growing, he would just become another Demon King!

Saintly Emperor Xi’s Qi was shaking. Lin Feng’s half-god attack and Chu Chun Qiu’s Sky Absorbing attack had weakened him, and even if he borrowed the strength of the Demon King, he was badly injured. If he hadn’t been inside the Demon King’s body, he would have died.

Lin Feng turned into a beam of light, dashing to the skies. He was gone as fast as lightning.

When time became normal again, Lin Feng was already extremely far away. Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon was stunned. He hadn’t known Lin Feng could do that. It was unexpected!

“The Imperial Court will be mine sooner or later!” declared Chu Chun Qiu coldly. He also flew up and left quickly. The demons wanted to chase him, but Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon gestured with his hand, and the demons vanished.

“Cough cough!” He had come out of the Demon King’s body and was injured now, he kept coughing up blood.

“Lin Feng, Chu Chun Qiu, you all want to die!” swore Saintly Emperor Xi the Demon, gazing into the distance. A demon cloud churned all around him.


After that, Lin Feng went into hiding again. He had completely disappeared from the Continent of the Nine Clouds. He knew many people were looking for him.

Lin Feng wasn’t the only one who disappeared. All the people who were related to Lin Feng disappeared. The three influential groups were looking for him, his friends, and family members. However, they had all disappeared. Even Lin Feng’s close friends in the lower world had disappeared. The Continent of the Nine Clouds was so big, it was easy to hide and live incognito.


Lin Feng was walking in the mountains as if the outside world had nothing to do with him.

A hundred years had passed since he had left the Demon Shrine. He knew that he had to have a perfect inner world to fight again, or things would be too complicated.

Icefire was in a palace in the Supreme Shrine, with many Saints around him. Icefire was giving a lecture to many strong cultivators, including the Shrines’ Leaders. A terrifying amount of Qi began to whistle as it intruded on them

The ground shook violently as someone appeared. Everyone was shocked when they saw him.

“Lin Feng!” Icefire smiled sinisterly. “Since you’re here, I will kill you!”

Icefire flew up and released yin and yang Qi towards Lin Feng. The terrifying yin and yang Qi contained all sorts of strengths. However, Lin Feng just shook his hands and opened his mouth. He absorbed the yin and yang Qi with a loud cry. Space seemed to freeze, even as he flew away rapidly.

“You think you can escape?!” snarled Icefire, streaking after him. Yin and yang Qi converged in the sky. Lin Feng’s face stiffened as he absorbed the yin and yang Qi again. But he looked helpless as his body exploded.

“it wasn’t his real body?” Icefire was startled. It was one of Lin Feng’s clones, and he had such incredible fighting abilities already?!

“Icefire, from now on, every three days, I will fight against you. Don’t go too far from the Supreme Shrine!” said a loud voice which made the earth and sky tremble.

Icefire pulled a long face. There was nobody around… where did that voice come from, and where was Lin Feng’s real body?

At that moment, Lin Feng’s real body was really far away. He was seated cross-legged and was also in his own world. He spat out some Qi calmly… yin and yang Qi! It floated around him.

“Lin Feng, your spell is matchless. You can steal yin and yang Qi from so far away and use it for your real body…” said the old ox. He was amazed.

“That’s the Celestial Dao Destiny Technique, a real illusion space. If the three supreme cultivators and a few terrifying old monsters who are hiding weren’t there, I could destroy the whole continent using just a clone,” replied Lin Feng calmly. The yin and yang Qi rose up and surprisingly, it could fix the sky!

“It’s too slow. You need to understand yin and yang Qi to truly fix the sky,” said the old ox slowly. Lin Feng nodded. Indeed, he still had to do that!


After that, every three days, Lin Feng attacked Icefire.

Icefire was extremely annoyed. He decided to ignore him, but Lin Feng promptly killed one of his peerless Saints. So each time, he had to fight against Lin Feng!

Time passed, and Icefire sensed something. If he continued like this, he wouldn’t be able to continue practicing cultivation peacefully. He would also lose his will to improve!

Many people who were looking for Lin Feng and his family members and friends stopped doing so. They didn’t dare offend Lin Feng anymore. Lin Feng’s clones were already so strong. Each time he challenged Icefire, he showed how strong he was, he could kill anyone else easily. How strong would his body be if he personally showed up?


Time passed, and another hundred years went by. Many people were still looking for Lin Feng secretly. The Supreme Animal World was in a chaotic situation, too. Icefire helped the Roc Clan fight against the Dragon Clan, so the Dragon Clan’s members had no choice but to leave the Dragon Valley. Many groups suffered losses.

At the same time, a new leader appeared in the Hell Shrine, they now called him “Death”. It was a genius who had appeared in the Continent of the Nine Clouds many, many years before: Mo Zheng! He had created some incredible skills and techniques. Now he wanted to show how strong he was in the Continent of the Nine Clouds, as well! Many people were amazed. So many people had already become stronger than the former Shrine Leaders, like Icefire and the others. Many people started calling them half-gods.

Many battles continued happening in the Continent of the Nine Clouds. However, many other people disappeared. It was said that they had been absorbed by the one who had betrayed the Fortune Shrine, Chu Chun Qiu!

People were scared. Many people missed the good old times when the Continent of the Nine Clouds was peaceful, when there were the nine Shrines, when there was still a balance of power. Those were peaceful and fair times. Everything had changed now.

Everybody was waiting, hoping someone would manage to create one system and the Continent of the Nine Clouds would calm down again.


More time passed. Chu Chun Qiu went to the Buddha Shrine, he wanted to absorb their cultivators’ Wills to become a supreme cultivator. However, all the Buddhist cultivators were strong. Kong Ming, who used to be a disciple of the Fortune Shrine, even showed up. He was half-demon, half-Buddha, and he defeated Chu Chun Qiu.

Kong Ming became extremely famous because of that battle. The very next day, it was said that Kong Ming became the new Buddha Shrine Leader. The previous one had decided to retire!

The leaders of the Shrines were slowly changing. New generations were taking over.

People sighed. Kong Ming had become a great cultivator. It was said that in his previous life, he was an ancient Buddha and then because of a woman, he had turned into a half-demon, half-Buddha. He had then created techniques to reincarnate, and had studied Buddhism again, then demon cultivation. He had managed to do something similar to what the Three Lives had done. It was said that the Buddha Shrine Leader had retired after Kong Ming understood all that, and Kong Ming had become the new Leader.

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