Chapter 2362: A Verbal Spar

There were two godkings who hadn’t spoken up yet. One of them was dressed in a golden robe, his presence as sharp as a blade. He seemed to consider himself above mundane matters and was too good to get involved.

The other was a kind, friendly looking man with a chubby face and a faint smile. He looked like a typical pushover. Then there was Godking Crimsonwaters.

Seven godkings held the keys to the prison, and the culprit was among them.

Who could it be?

Jiang Chen had been keeping watch. The truth would be revealed soon.

Godking Greenwood wasn’t finished with Celestial Emperor Skypillar yet.

“Your Majesty, you aren’t blind to the current situation of Taiyuan Plane, are you? We need a magnanimous emperor with keen foresight. All seven of us are gathered here today with the seven keys. I suggest we head to the Divine Prison of Eternity and welcome Celestial Emperor Taiyuan’s return!

“It’s been hundreds of thousands of years. No matter what mistakes he’s made, he’s paid the price. Even if we don’t want him to take the throne, we can persuade him into handing over the creation token. Only then will the mantle of leadership be truly passed over, and the new emperor will be recognized and blessed by the heavenly dao.” Godking Greenwood tossed out an explosive package.

The very air seemed to grind to a halt.

It’d been a long time since anyone dared bring the matter up. Who would’ve thought that Godking Greenwood would cut right to the chase not long into the conference?

It caught everyone off guard and breathed a strange tension into the room. The godkings barely moved. Every pair of eyes bore into Greenwood, trying to identify anything unusual about him.

“No one in their sound mind would object to my proposal,” Greenwood explained with an earnest expression. “Without the creation token, Taiyuan Plane will be doomed. No matter what you think, we have to release Celestial Emperor Taiyuan. He’s the only one who knows where the creation token is, which is the only thing that can save the fortunes of our world.”

It took a long time for the crowd to recover. People talked among themselves, debating the merits of the suggestion.

Jiang Chen wasn’t sure if Godking Greenwood was after the release of his father, or the creation token.

Both were possible. If Greenwood wanted the creation token, he was likely to be the villain. Playing the good guy was his way to get what he wanted.

If Greenwood was trying to rescue Celestial Emperor Taiyuan, that would make him a loyal subject who truly wanted to change the destiny of Taiyuan Plane.

There wasn’t enough for Jiang Chen to come to a conclusion, so he didn’t try. He would see how everything played out.

Darknorth scoffed. “What are you suggesting, Daoist Greenwood? Do you miss Celestial Emperor Taiyuan? Do you want him to regain the throne? Let me tell you, Taiyuan Plane will not allow that! Celestial Emperor Taiyuan has defied the heavenly law. His era is over!”

A traitor,

Jiang Chen decided, mentally listing Darknorth as an enemy. Perhaps the man was simply a blind follower of Skypillar’s and he only objected in order to safeguard Skypillar’s interests. Whatever the reasons, Jiang Chen didn’t like the man’s words.

Godking Whiteriver, the one in a white robe, maintained his calm composure. “The creation token is crucial to Taiyuan Plane. Even if we disregard all personal desires, it’s something we must locate. Without it, we’re as good as dead, and so is Taiyuan Plane.”

That wasn’t an exaggeration.

Godking Ninecauldrons, the godking with a chubby face, chuckled. “It’s easy for us to release Celestial Emperor Taiyuan, but have you considered who among us will be able to keep him under control afterwards? What if he holds a grudge against us for imprisoning him for hundreds of thousands of years and takes his revenge? It’ll be difficult to stop him then.”

It might sound like he had everyone’s best interests at heart, but it was obvious that he was against Taiyuan’s release as well.

The only ones who hadn’t said anything yet were Godking Wintry, whose presence was as sharp as a sword, and Godking Crimsonwaters, who’d always been a prudent man.

“I agree that we should release Celestial Emperor Taiyuan,” offered Crimsonwaters. “No offense to you, Your Majesty Skypillar, but to tell the truth, didn’t the decline of Taiyuan Plane begin when we imprisoned Celestial Emperor Taiyuan? Have you considered that perhaps the decision itself was a mistake? If it was, why don’t we make up for it?”

Everyone was highly shocked.

Crimsonwaters’ words were more impactful than Greenwood’s. Greenwood had suggested the release of Celestial Emperor Taiyuan, but his focus was on the creation token.

On the other hand, Crimsonwaters didn’t even mention the creation token. He suggested that Taiyuan had been wronged, which had much more serious implications.

Everyone who had openly supported Celestial Emperor Taiyuan had either died or disappeared. Did Crimsonwaters have a death wish?

The temperature in the room dropped even further, like a gust of wind blown in from the depths of hell. Everyone feared for their lives.

Skypillar swept his dark gaze over the assembled godkings. The authority of a celestial emperor quickly silenced the agitated crowd. He slammed his hands down on the table. “You’ve sugarcoated your words, Crimsonwaters, but in the end, you’re challenging my authority. That alone is enough for me to punish you for insubordination and disrespect of this position!”

“I’m not afraid of being punished for speaking my mind!” boomed Crimsonwaters. “Many have disappeared or died for openly supporting Celestial Emperor Taiyuan, but there are truths that must be said. Someone has to take a stand. I’ve never been the most powerful or the most assertive godking, but if someone has to open this can of worms, let it be me!

“I don’t care who the villain is. I’m willing to risk my life betting on everyone’s conscience, on your belief in justice. Do you really wish for Taiyuan Plane to slip further and further into the abyss? Do you want to die with the realm? I don’t. I want to save our world!”

Jiang Chen straightened his back in respect.

He’d thought that Godking Crimsonwaters were too prudent, but he’d been wrong. The godking might not be passionate in fulfilling his ambitions, but he was a dependable man. He possessed the shrewdness and magnanimity to be a true leader!

Chap End
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