Chapter 2369: Madness

It might seem like they were fighting within the Taiyuan Sky Palace, but in reality, both had tapped into the power of their planes. They flung around powerful spatial techniques and could enter a completely different space at any time.

Regular godkings weren’t powerful enough to be involved. Godkings who could refine a plane was but a step away from becoming a celestial emperor. The only thing holding them back was the lack of a creation token, which they would acquire sooner or later.

The light reflecting from the Mirrorbloom Plane was as bright as stars. Countless rays of light washed over the entire area, hitting anything and everything.

Jiang Chen deployed his newly formed plane to defend against the incoming attacks. Even he might be devoured by the enemy if the light scored so much as a glancing blow. Then he’d be in Mirrorbloom territory. He would be far from helpless, but he would be at a disadvantage.

Anxiety burned in Jiang Chen’s heart. His father had been devoured and trapped by the Mirrorbloom Plane in order to protect the other godkings. There was no telling what would happen if he didn’t get his father out in time.

Jiang Chen pushed his innate power to the limits and directed the might of the four bloodlines in his body as four different attacks.

Dragon Howl!

Tiger Roar!

Fire of the Vermillion Bird!

Black Tortoise Festering Gas!

These were techniques the four sacred beasts regularly employed. However, once one tapped into the power of the heavenly dao, the fight was no longer about the technique itself, but an individual’s understanding of the heavenly law and profound mysteries of heaven and earth.

Dragon howls reverberated!

The true dragon bloodline controlled time and space. Great forces of lightning tore through the sky and lunged at the light reflected from the Mirrorbloom Plane.

Tiger roars abounded!

The astral white tiger bloodline was one of conflict and slaughter. Incomparably keen blades materialized and cut through the air, seemingly capable of destroying even time and space.

Vermilion Bird fire was that of utmost yang in the world. This bloodline summoned the most scorching flames from heaven and earth and ignited the void, refining all matter.

Festering Gas contained the power of the Black Tortoise, pulsing in concert with the earth. It was the most extreme of yin power in the universe and the most all-encompassing force of the earth. All returned to their origins.

The four bloodlines embodied almost all phenomena in the heavenly planes and all natural forces that dictated the universe.

The incorporation of the four bloodlines was in itself the process of refining a world. The four attacks intertwined to present the trajectories of all things, the transformation of life itself since genesis, and the ebb and flow of a world.

The four sacred beasts manifested and resonated with the supreme power Jiang Chen had released. Their bloodlines worked perfectly with his attacks.

Two strands of power came together as one with Jiang Chen as the core. The attack could topple a world!

Godking Mirrorbloom couldn’t be more shocked as she hid within her plane, observing the tremendous forces coming her way.

“That brat is surprisingly powerful. He’s as good as his old man was back then.” The woman grimaced.

Her eyes darted to the side and settled on Celestial Emperor Taiyuan, who sat cross-legged in her realm with an aloof and all-knowing expression.

His calmness infuriated Mirrorbloom. Even now, the celestial emperor maintained this pretense!

With grit teeth, she reinforced the defenses circling her plane, maintaining a steady supply of energy to keep it intact. Then, she flashed to the subspace near the celestial emperor.

“Taiyuan!” Mirrorbloom bit out, her eyes feral.

Celestial Emperor Taiyuan glanced at her. “It’s still not too late to turn back, Mirrorbloom. You’re surrounded by all these mirrors. Haven’t you seen the reflection of your own soul?”

“Shut up! Don’t talk about inconsequential crap! My soul is mine to control! Aren’t you the celestial emperor? You’re sitting there like a dead dog. Has your divine power finally been eroded after hundreds of thousands of years? Hahaha! I couldn’t be happier seeing you fall from grace and sprawl before me like a dead dog!”

Mirrorbloom laughed like a maniac, her body trembling

Taiyuan sighed faintly. “You’ve lost yourself to your inner demons, Mirrorbloom. What a shame. You’ve been able to refine your own plane. What astounding talent that is! If you’d kept yourself at peace, you’d one day master the heavenly law and surpass even me. Why couldn’t you be patient?”

“Patient? Why should I be patient? I waited more than a million years! When did you ever pay any attention to me? You cared only about your useless son! How did I know you weren’t going to pass your throne to him after all the effort you’ve spent on him?”

Mirrorbloom’s expression was wild and vicious. It was clear that she’d gone mad.

Taiyuan flashed the same faint smile that’d always infuriated Mirrorbloom. He never lost his composure. Even after being devoured by her realm, he remained the aloof celestial emperor overlooking everyone. No matter how hard Mirrorbloom tried, she was nothing but a subordinate to him.

“Stop grinning! I’ll beat you until you can’t smile anymore!” Snarling, Mirrorbloom threw a punch.

Golden light flashed before Taiyuan. Tremendous defensive power surged like a vortex and blocked her punch.

“How dare you resist?!” Mirrorbloom threw furious punches at Taiyuan with great ferocity. This was her world! She didn’t believe a decrepit celestial emperor would be able to defend against her.

However, she couldn’t break through the golden light no matter how relentless her attacks were. It frustrated her greatly.

“Impossible! This is my world. My attacks overpower all. Why can’t I break your defenses? You’ve been imprisoned for so long. Your fortunes as a celestial emperor should’ve long faded. Why is this happening?!” Mirrorbloom growled angrily, her attacks growing more and more vicious.

Meanwhile, Mirrorbloom Plane trembled dramatically. Jiang Chen’s attacks outside were threatening to undermine its structural integrity.

This was a clash of two worlds.

Chap End
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