Epilogue 5 – The Top Student and The Bookworm (Part 4/17)

Mu Qing was prepared for the worse, and she’d even prepared all sorts of methods to try her best and convince her parents. But she’d never imagined that her father would immediately judge it as ‘impossible’ before the negotiations had even begun.

Her face instantly turned ghastly pale while it felt like lightning had struck her heart. She seemed to have been completely stunned, and she bit tightly on her lips in order to stop himself from going out of control on the spot.

Zhao Zhicheng seemed to be quite surprised by Mu Tianyuan’s straightforwardness, and then a wisp of a faint smile arose on the corners of his mouth. Even though the outcome had been announced in advance, it was undoubtedly a victory for him, and it was worthy of joy and celebration.

He couldn’t help but look at Chen Lan as he wanted to see how that bumpkin would react.

Would he be beyond exasperated?

Or would he put on a sad show and beg bitterly?

However, Zhao Zhicheng was disappointed. The bumpkin actually remained extremely calm as before and was neither happy nor sad. It was even to the extent that he seemed to be completely indifferent.

Could this fellow really be a bookworm who has been reading to the point of losing his mind?

Zhao Zhicheng had inquired about Chen Lan when he heard that Mu Qing had found someone, and he knew that Chen Lan was a renowned bookworm of the Imperial Academy.

In the beginning, he didn’t believe that Mu Qing had found such a weirdo for herself, but even he couldn’t help but feel slightly doubtful when he witnessed Chen Lan’s expression and reaction.

The atmosphere here turned deathly silent and oppressive.

At this moment, Mu Tianyuan seemed to be serious and calm, and he gazed at Chen Lan as he said, “I’m not a cruel father, and I support my daughter to pursue her own happiness. But not you.”

Chen Lan thought for a moment, and then he said, “Why?”

Zhao Zhicheng seemed as if he’d heard a huge joke, and couldn’t help but laugh with ridicule as he said, “My friend, does it even need further explanation? I presume you understood from the very moment you entered Octagon Alley. Both you and Qing’qing are from two completely different worlds.”

Chen Lan wasn’t infuriated. He just pondered deeply for a moment, and then he said, “I admit we’re people of two different worlds, but so what?”

Zhao Zhicheng had come to a rough understanding now. He felt that Chen Lan was a young and ignorant student who didn’t have a firm grasp of reality and how marriages had to be between two families of equal social rank.

After all, how could a frog try to have a swan as his partner?

Only ignorant and immature youths would have such dreams.

At this moment, Zhao Zhicheng’s gaze towards Chen Lan carried a wisp of pity and disdain. He was utterly unable to imagine how Mu Qing had fallen for such an ignorant fellow.

“You’ll understand in the future.” Mu Tianyuan spoke once more. “It’s good for the young to pursue their own marriages, but when you live in two completely different worlds, then such freedom would only destroy your lives.”

Liu Xiuzhi sighed as well and said gently, “Chen Lan, there’s no parent who’s willing to be the bad person and harm their daughter. Both of you are still young and don’t understand things. It’s just as your Uncle Mu said, you’ll naturally understand once the both of you grow up.”

When she heard her parents speak to such an extent, Mu Qing who’d been rendered completely dazed and ghastly pale suddenly trembled. Moreover, she’d almost bit her cherry lip open while her pretty eyes were glistening.

She’d lived a comfortable life since she was born, she’d always been the most outstanding top student amongst her peers since entering the academy and coupled with her gorgeous beauty and extraordinary family background, she was no different than a genius favored by the gods.

But in the end, she was still a student who hadn’t graduated from school, and she didn’t have much ability when it came to dealing with problems in reality.

Thus, she was really annoyed, furious, and aggrieved. It made her feel completely helpless and powerless.

Why is this happening?

Why are my parents who usually allow everything I want acting so coldly?

Mu Qing was driven to distraction.

A silent atmosphere covered the dinner table. At this moment, Mu Tianyuan and Liu Xiuzhi’s attitudes towards the situation were extremely firm and resolute. Or perhaps, it could be said that they refused to take a single step back when it came to their daughter’s marriage.

Even though Zhao Zhicheng puckered his lips in silence, he felt extremely happy in his heart. If it weren’t out of consideration for the situation, he would wish for nothing more than to drink to his heart’s content and celebrate.

The only person acting unusually was Chen Lan. He seemed as if he hadn’t suffered a blow from this at all, and he just sat there with a calm expression while pondering deeply before he said, “Uncle, Aunty, I knew that Mu Qing and I were people of two different worlds, and there was bound to be no outcome from our relationship even if we were together.”

Mu Qing’s body trembled when she heard this, and she gazed at Chen Lan with slight disbelief. She seemed to have never imagined that Chen Lan would react in such a way at this critical moment.

Could it be that he really doesn’t like me at all?

Or perhaps he isn’t able to handle the pressure after suffering such a blow from my parents, and he has chosen to shrink back?

But regardless of which one it was, it made Mu Qing’s heart hurt as if it was being sliced by blades. This was the first time in her entire life that she’d loved someone so much, and she’d even made so many concessions in order to be with him, but….

How could he act in his way!?

Mu Qing was on the verge of losing her temper. She felt like the entire world had abandoned her, and the helplessness and despair she felt was something she’d never experienced.

Mu Tianyuan and Liu Xiuzhi were slightly stunned, but they heaved sighs of relief at the same time. Because it was fine for them so long as the young man gave up on pursuing Mu Qing. As for whether it was unjust to Chen Lan, they felt that they could just compensate him with some wealth.

Zhao Zhicheng gazed at Mu Qing with slight pity and sadness, and he sighed lightly in his heart. He seemed as if he wanted to tell her that the fellow whom she’d fallen for was useless and couldn’t even endure such a blow, so she would only bring aggrievance to herself by marrying him.

At this moment, Uncle Ning had restrained his smile and frowned as he gazed at Chen Lan. He seemed to be quite puzzled, or perhaps, he was surprised by Chen Lan’s reaction.

Right at this moment, a hand patted Mu Qing on the shoulder. She turned around with a dazed expression and saw Chen Lan’s calm and composed face.

“Don’t panic yet. Let me finish.” It was just a few words that were spoken softly, but Mu Qing’s eyes couldn’t help but light up while her despair and helplessness were actually greatly alleviated.

“I’ll always listen to your decision.” Mu Qing bit her lips as she spoke softly, and then she didn’t spare another glance at her parents. Such a resolute attitude made Mu Tianyuan and Liu Xiuzhi frown while feeling furious in their hearts.

She’s simply running wild! She actually intends to abandon her parents for someone she fell for during university?

How absurd!

“What exactly do you intend to say?” Even with Mu Tianyuan’s reticence, he couldn’t help but feel slightly furious, and he gazed coldly at Chen Lan while he seemed to emanate an oppressive force.

He’d been dealing with officials and experienced all sorts of schemes and ‘bloody battles’ in the world of business to possess his current glory and status. So, how could he possibly take a young man who hadn’t even stepped foot into the world seriously?

However, Mu Tianyuan was also clearly aware that the lesser one’s knowledge was, the more ignorant and courageous one would be, and those who just act on their feelings were capable of anything.

He’d decided that he wouldn’t give the young man any more face if the young man didn’t know his limits.

The atmosphere was heavy while the gazes of everyone were on Chen Lan.

However, Chen Lan seemed as if he hadn’t noticed the change in the atmosphere, and he spoke calmly. “In the past, I didn’t believe it was possible. But I want to try and change things now. Uncle, Aunty, this is my decision. Mu Qing can only be mine for her entire lifetime.”

The meaning behind his words was that even if they were from two different worlds, he, Chen Lan, would change everything once he’d decided! No one could stop him and Mu Qing from being together!

Mu Tianyuan was truly shocked and furious, and his face turned gloomy from anger.

This young man really doesn’t know his limits!

Even Liu Xiuzhi was angry, and her face was icy cold.

Only Uncle Ning seemed to feel that all of this was interesting, and his chubby face had its usual smile on it.

Zhao Zhicheng was slightly annoyed, and he’d lost his patience. He slammed the table and frowned as he gazed at Chen Lan, “Stop trying to take a yard when given an inch. You’re just unwilling to let Qing’qing go because you cover the glory and wealth of her background. Tell me how much exactly you want? A house? A job? Or just money? I’ll satisfy your wishes. I only have a single condition, leave Mu Qing!”


Zhao Zhicheng slapped a stack of bills onto the table while he spoke.

After that, he bent down to look Chen Lan in the eye, and his gaze was icy cold, gloomy, and horrifying, “Uncle and Aunty aren’t willing to make a fuss about it with a junior like you, but I’m not the same. My patience is limited, and this is the last chance you’ll have. Don’t act impulsively, otherwise….”

He spoke in an utterly threatening tone.

At this moment, Mu Tianyuan and Liu Xiuzhi chose to watch coldly from the sidelines. Since they couldn’t reason with him, it was time to be unreasonable.

Even though it was quite cruel, they didn’t care if it was for the sake of their daughter’s happiness.

Mu Qing was furious. She pointed a finger at Zhao Zhicheng and was simply exasperated. “Who do you think Chen Lan is?”

Zhao Zhicheng smiled as he spoke slowly. “Qing’qing, don’t get angry. I’m just teaching your classmate, Chen Lan, a life lesson. I’m allowing him to fully understand that he isn’t qualified to have feelings for you at all!”

As he spoke, he gazed at Chen Lan again, “800,000 in cash is sufficient for you to buy a house. If you’re still not satisfied, then I can arrange a job for you in the capital. Aren’t you going to graduate this year? I presume you’re having a headache from looking for a job, right? The current capital is unlike the past, so even if you’ve graduated from the Imperial Academy, your background will render you completely unable to find a foothold in the capital. I think I’ve shown sufficient sincerity, so now it all depends on you.” His voice carried dense disdain and overbearingness.

Chap End
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