Epilogue 5 – The Top Student and The Bookworm (Part 5/17)

Zhao Zhicheng had encountered some women who insisted on remaining chaste and virtuous while he was chasing skirts, and he’d even taken some from the hands of other men. So, he was very proficient at doing such things, and he loved to toss his authority and wealth at them!

Regardless of how reserved one was, could anyone maintain their stand in front of wealth and authority?

Most importantly, Zhao Zhicheng had never believed in people having a baseline they refused to cross, and the only reason it even existed was because one didn’t possess sufficient authority or hadn’t thrown enough money at it.

Even though it was a very crude and simple method, it was the most effective.

Zhao Zhicheng had relied on this method to conquer many proud and well-known women who had a high opinion of themselves and intended to remain chaste. It could be said to have never failed him.

However, when he faced the temptation of such wealth, benefits, and the threats they carried, Chen Lan still remained extremely calm.

He glanced at the cash on the table, glanced at Mu Tianyuan and Liu Xiuzhi who were watching coldly from the side, and then glanced at Zhao Zhicheng who’d assumed an air of superiority and was looking down at him. Chen Lan sighed lightly in the end.

“If I so desired it, then I could possess all of that at any time, and it would be at an amount beyond your imagination.” Chen Lan removed the black rimmed glasses he wore and revealed a pair of clear and deep eyes, and then he said calmly, “The reason I don’t have it all is merely because… I feel that they’re all below me.”

Even though he spoke calmly, it seemed extremely ignorant and arrogant in the ears of the others. Moreover, Mu Tianyuan and Liu Xiuzhi even started laughing from the extreme rage they felt.

This young man really doesn’t know anything!

It was especially so for Zhao Zhicheng. He roared with laughter and said, “You stupid bookworm! You really are a stupid bookworm! You’re simply stupid to the point that I’m speechless! I’d like to ask you on what basis you dare to speak such words? Because of your identity as a student of the Imperial Academy?”

Chen Lan frowned while he seemed to be slightly flagging with interest.

Right at this moment, the door to the room was roughly pushed open before a woman in military uniform, a pair of black leather gloves, an icy cold face, and a delicate and slender body that was extremely hot and well-proportioned walked in.

As soon as she appeared here, the eyes of everyone in the room lit up. It was like they’d seen a thorny and frozen red rose. It carried a sense of burning wildness, and it made others arouse a strong desire to conquer her.

Uncle Ning who’d just taken a sip of water instantly spat it all out when he saw her, and his entire face and neck flushed red from choking on the water.

Zhao Zhicheng’s entire body shivered imperceptibly. He seemed like a mouse that had seen a cat, and he actually didn’t dare take another glance at her.

Even Mu Tianyuan and Liu Xiuzhi were quite surprised, and they stood up in unison and said, “Liang Liang, what… what are you doing here?”

Since she dared to boldly trespass into Octagon Alley’s Courtyard 19, and then enter the Mu Family’s house in such a rude and rough manner, it was obvious that the background of this female soldier, Liang Liang, was absolutely not ordinary.

Moreover, based on Uncle Ning’s loss of composure, Zhao Zhicheng’s fear, and how Mu Tianyuan and Liu Xiuzhi had both stood up, it was even more obvious how extraordinary her background was.

Liang Liang seemed to have completely not noticed Mu Tianyuan’s question. She’d shot her icy cold gaze at Zhao Zhicheng as soon as she entered, and it caused the latter to shrink back and seem as if he wished for nothing more than to hide as far as possible.

“Malicious bastard, was it you who was asking all of that just now?” Liang Liang’s voice was low and carried a unique tone that was attractive yet sounded lazy.

Liang Liang was the Chief Instructor for the 14 special training centers of the empire’s military. She was part of the royal family and was the 16


princess of the current emperor. She was unruly and had extreme violent tendencies. All the young masters in the circles of nobles within the empire had a common view towards Liang Liang — Offending King Yama himself is better than offending the Queen.

During one of his gatherings with his friends, Zhao Zhicheng had gotten drunk and made a joke that teased Liang Liang. However, words of that had somehow entered Liang Liang’s ears, so she arrived at Liang Zhicheng’s house at night, and then bashed him up right before his father Zhao Pingbo. She whacked him to the point he was yelling inordinately, and she only let him go at the brink of death and swaggered off when Zhao Zhicheng’s grandfather stepped forward.

That incident became a humiliation of Zhao Zhicheng’s, but he could only hide such humiliation in his heart when facing an existence like Liang Liang, and he didn’t dare have any hopes of taking revenge.

So, when he saw this thorny rose, Liang Liang, arrive here and target him, Zhao Zhicheng was horrified to the point he felt extremely anxious and even started stuttering.

“Could it be that… I was mistaken?”

Liang Liang didn’t say a single word. She just slapped Zhao Zhicheng on the face, causing a shrill cry to resound from between his lips as he fell to the ground.

“You weren’t just mistaken, you’re simply blind. You a fucking stupid bastard! I gave Grandpa Zhao face the last time and let you off, but I’m definitely going to cripple you this time!” Liang Liang cursed while her slender right leg that had a military boot on it was already raised, and then she kicked Zhao Zhicheng flying. His body flew and smashed forcefully against the wall, and it even caused the flower stand at the side to crash to the ground.

In an instant, the room was in a mess.

“Liang Liang, let’s just talk about it. Stay your hand for now.” Mu Tianyuan and Liu Xiuzhi stepped forward to persuade her. Both of them had been stunned as well. How could they have imagined that Liang Liang would actually seem as if she wanted to kill Zhao Zhicheng upon charging into the room?

“You two step aside. Otherwise, don’t blame me for giving you no face!” Liang Liang’s beautiful gaze that was filled with killing intent swept towards them, and it caused them both to dare not take another step forward. They too were clearly aware of the explosive temper possessed by this pearl of the royal family, and they knew that no one could stop her once she’d flared up.

It was even to the extent that Liang Liang had once badly battered a young master in front of the emperor and all the other officials during an imperial banquet. However, even the emperor himself wasn’t able to persuade her to stop!

“You better not interfere as well, you damn fatty!” Liang Liang glanced at Uncle Ning, causing the latter to laugh bitterly while a helpless expression covered his face.

“Big Sister Liang Liang, how exactly did I offend you this time?” Zhao Zhicheng knew that Liang Liang was serious when he witnessed all of this, and he couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to the pain that assaulted his senses as he shouted anxiously.

“You’re fucking trying to act like you’ve suffered injustice? You think I’m bullying you? Let me tell you that I’ll be doing just that today!” Liang Liang charged forward as she spoke, and then she punched and kicked him successively. For a time, only shrill howls resounded incessantly while Zhao Zhicheng’s body had curled up in a corner. Blood was flowing from his mouth and nose, and he was utterly unable to stand up.

“Alright, he’ll die if you continue.” Uncle Ning suddenly obstructed Liang Liang and smiled bitterly. “Not to mention that you should give us a reason even if you want to bash him up, right?”

Liang Liang was just about to push Uncle Ning aside when she noticed that Chen Lan and Mu Qing had turned around and left the messy room, and she was instantly stunned and seemed to have thought of something. A short while passed before she pursed her lips, spat on Zhao Zhicheng, and said, “Fuck off!”

Mu Tianyuan immediately shot a glance at the two guards who’d heard the commotion and rushed over, and they carried Zhao Zhicheng’s unconscious body out.

“Liang Liang, what’s going on?” Uncle Ning sighed. He knew that the Zhao family home would definitely fall into chaos tonight when Zhao Zhicheng was brought back after being bashed up to such an extent.

“I only hit him for his own sake. Otherwise, I couldn’t be bothered to pay any attention to that malicious fellow who only knows how to resort to trickery.” Liang Liang sat down before the table, took a cup of tea, and gulped it down. Coupled with her icy cold and gorgeous appearance, such actions didn’t seem crude at all, and it had its own unique charm instead.

As soon as these words were spoken, Uncle Ning, Mu Tianyuan, and Liu Xiuzhi fell into deep thought.

Even though Liang Liang was quite a violent person, she was absolutely not an idiot. Conversely, she was extremely intelligent and wise, otherwise, the emperor wouldn’t dote on her that much.

Since she’d suddenly trespassed here at the night of the reunion dinner, went berserk, bashed up Zhao Zhicheng, and then spoke such words. All of this was really thought provoking to them.

But all 3 of them were still unable to figure out why Liang Liang would speak like that right now.

Could it be that Zhao Zhicheng would make some sort of mistake if she didn’t beat him up today?

It was understandable to them if that was the case.

The puzzling part was why Liang Liang had chosen tonight? After all, it was the night of the reunion dinner, so why would anyone from the royal family rush to another’s home to beat someone up?

“You still don’t understand? Looks like all of you are as stupid as Zhao Zhicheng.” Liang Liang put her cup down and couldn’t help but frown as she glanced at them.

“Could it be…. It’s related to that boyfriend of Qing’qing’s?” Uncle Ning seemed to have thought of something and spoke with surprise.

Chap End
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