Epilogue 5 – The Top Student and The Bookworm (Part 9/17)

Black Hibiscus Club.

As soon as they entered, noisy and booming music accompanied with the screams of men and women resounded, and it seethed incessantly amidst the gorgeous neon lights.

At this moment, handsome men and gorgeous women seemed like starving wolves searching for food as they danced madly on the dancefloor while under the influence of alcohol.

The neon lights flickered and flowed, and it was simply ethereal and dazzling.

The atmosphere here was clamorous. A rather famous young and beautiful DJ was at the DJ booth in a thin and tiny black sleeveless t-shirt that revealed her skin that was white like ivory. She had a slender waist, an ample chest, and she had a pair of headphones on her head as she ceaselessly mixed the rhythm between a few booming heavy metal songs.

The refined and polite waiters wore extremely cooling bunny outfits as they moved amidst the guests and tried their best to satisfy the wishes of every single guest.

The faces of everyone here seemed very different beneath the dazzling and gorgeous neon lights here, and it was so real yet so unreal at the same time.

This was what a club was like. Fashionably dressed men and women were indulging in pleasure. But it couldn’t be said to be an extravagant life that was filled with sensual pleasures, and it was just a pure method of venting their emotions.

Of course, Black Hibiscus wasn’t just a simple club, otherwise, it would be impossible for it to prosper at a place like the capital where both nobility and status converged.

Chen Lan frowned immediately upon entering the club. He was a reserved and quiet person, so he really disliked such a noisy atmosphere.

However, Liang Liang grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the depths of the club, “I know you definitely dislike such an atmosphere, but we aren’t going to enjoy ourselves here.”

She was clearly a regular customer here, and she led Chen Lan past numerous corners before arriving at the 2



The setup here was completely different. The corridors here seemed to be interwoven together like a spiderweb, and a small T-shaped stage at the center.

“Forgive me but this floor has been fully booked by a VIP today.” A waiter that wore formal attire spoke in a very respectful manner. Even though he was asking them to leave, it didn’t arouse any ill feelings.

After all, Black Hibiscus was rather famous within the entertainment industry, and everyone capable of enjoying themselves here was someone of status. So, there was naturally no need to doubt the quality of all the waiters and waitresses here, and it was utterly impossible for them to look down on any guest.

Liang Liang’s brows instantly rose up, “It’s fully booked? Oh my, which VIP is this? How arrogant of him.”

She was quite displeased right now because it was the first time that she’d brought a friend over with her, yet she was refused entrance. So, how could she possibly continue holding her head up high in the capital after this?

The waiter was in quite a difficult situation, but he knew how to evaluate the situation. He knew that since Liang Liang was a beauty who dared to casually come here in her military uniform, then she was definitely not an ordinary person.

“I won’t make things difficult for you. Just tell your manager that if he dares to give ‘Cathay Hyacinth’ to anyone else, then he can get the fuck out of the capital right now!” Liang Liang glanced at the waiter before she just led Chen Lan away.

The Cathay Hyacinth….

The waiter was stunned when he heard this. After all, it was one of the best rooms in the club, and even some influential figures in the capital weren’t qualified to enter that room. It was a room specially catered to truly extraordinary figures.

Most importantly, that VIP who booked the entire floor today was at that very room….

When he thought up to this point, the waiter hurriedly picked up his transceiver and reported this incident.

Black Hibiscus’s second floor was specially prepared for special members, and ordinary people or ordinary members weren’t able to ascend to this floor.

The names of the rooms on the 2


floor were very unusual. They didn’t use numbers like ‘666’ or ‘888’ like other places, and they gave each room a name like Cathay Hyacinth, Moondrop, and various other elegant names.

The Cathay Hyacinth room was naturally the most special amongst them.

According to rumor, even the current emperor had invited some of his friends to that room when he way young, and that rumor naturally made the Cathay Hyacinth stand out from the rest.

In next to no time, Liang Liang arrived before the door of a room with Chen Lan. There were many figures standing here. All of them were tall, robust, and in suits. Obviously, they were bodyguards.

Liang Liang puckered her lips and laughed coldly at this sight, and then she said to Chen Lan, “Handsome, wait a few minutes. I’m going to change my clothes, and then I’ll kick all of these bastards out.”

Chen Lan frowned and said, “Since there are people here, then why don’t we go somewhere else?”

Liang Liang grinned and said, “Aiya, Handsome! Even you know how to sympathize with others. But just rest at ease and watch. Just leave everything to me tonight, otherwise, wouldn’t I really lose face.: She’d walked off through a corridor as she spoke.

Chen Lan had no choice but to let the matter go when he saw her leave, and he stood before the railing. From this spot, he could see the entire central stage clearly, and there was a band performing there. Moreover, they were rather skilled.

At this moment, there were many other guests watching the performance like Chen Lan was, and the screams of women even resounded from time to time.

Obviously, this band was quite famous. But Chen Lan wasn’t really interested in that, and he couldn’t be said to like it or detest it.

“My friend, please leave. We’ve booked this entire place, so please forgive me for asking you to leave.” A black clothed robust man walked over. He was one of the bodyguards standing outside Cathay Hyacinth, and he seemed rather capable.

Even though he spoke courteously, his voice carried a forceful tone.

“I’m waiting for someone, so I probably won’t disturb all of you at all.” Chen Lan spoke casually.

The man frowned. The young man before him wore ordinary clothes and had an ordinary appearance, so the young man didn’t seem like someone of high status. However, he knew that since the young man had been able to ascend to the 2


floor, then it displayed that the young man possessed some status and that made the situation quite difficult for him.

“Ninth Brother, what’s going on?” Another bodyguard walked over. He had a striking hooked nose and had impatience covering his face. Obviously, he was one of their team leaders.

He spoke frankly, “Third Brother, he doesn’t want to leave.”

Third Brother spoke impatiently, “Who cares what he’s doing, just make him leave. Our Young Master is entertaining an important guess, so drive away anyone who gets close to this room!”

These words seemed very blunt.

Ninth Brother looked at Chen Lan when he heard this, and his intentions were obvious. He was hinting that he would ‘send’ Chen Lan away if Chen Lan insisted on staying here.

Chen Lan thought for a moment and said, “Alright, have fun.”

He turned around and walked away as he spoke.

“Ptooey! Another idiot! Anyone with even a little brains would have noticed that Cathay Hyacinth has been booked by our Young Master, so how could anyone dare to approach it? That idiot clearly knows nothing and wasn’t even able to discern that. Obviously, he isn’t anyone great.” That fellow, Third Brother, spat with detest when he saw Chen Lan turn around and leave. “Ninth Brother, your discerning ability is still quite inferior. You don’t have to be courteous to such a fellow at all. So what if he could get to the 2


floor? He’s nothing before our Young Master!”

Ninth Brother nodded repeatedly as if he’d been enlightened.

“You cursed at me just now?” Suddenly, both of them suddenly noticed that Chen Lan who’d just walked away had actually returned.

“What? You’re disgruntled?” Third Brother revealed a savage smile as he cracked his knuckles.

“Not at all.” Chen Lan spoke calmly, “I just wanted to tell you to be careful because calamity comes from the mouth.”

He turned around and left again once he finished speaking.

Both of them were quite stunned by this. They’d thought the young man was disgruntled and had come back to get even with them. Never had they imagined that he would just speak such words and leave.

What’s he actually trying to do?


Meanwhile, Cathay Hyacinth’s tightly closed door was pushed open, and then a sharp cry that carried rage and terror resounded from within.

After that, a woman in a formal dress staggered out from within. Her hair was disheveled, and it seemed like she was fleeing the room.

This scene shocked all the bodyguards outside to the point of surrounding the room’s entrance.

“It’s none of your business. Move aside!” A man’s voice resounded from within the room, and then a pair of arms grabbed the woman’s waist and forcefully dragged her back in.

“Save me! Save meeee!!” The woman screamed as she struggled madly. But only an instant passed before she’d been dragged back into the room, and then the door was shut tightly once more and not a single sound could be heard anymore.

All the bodyguards roared with laughter when they witnessed this, and they seemed as if they were used to it and knew what was happening. Obviously, they’ve seen such a thing occur on many occasions.

“Move aside.” A voice resounded and drew the attention of all the bodyguards.

They turned around to have a look, and then Ninth Brother and Third Brother instantly recognized the owner of the voice as that young man who’d just left a little while ago.

“You idiot! What’re you doing here again? Could it be that you want to be the hero? Allow me to tell you that you can’t afford to offend the person within that room, so fuck the hell off right now!” Third Brother was furious. He felt that he’d been sufficiently kind, but the young man actually seemed to constantly come back like an idiot.

He’s truly courting death!

As he cursed furiously, Third Brother had stretched out his hand to push Chen Lan.

Chen Lan raised his hand and grabbed Third Brother’s wrist. He didn’t seem to have done anything after that, but cracking resounded before a shrill cry resounded from Third Brother’s lips, and then he slumped weakly to the ground.

“You’re courting death!”

“So this idiot really came to look for trouble!”

“Bash him up!”

All the bodyguards reacted extremely quickly and acted simultaneously. All of them were skilled fellows that were carefully selected from the Special Forces. Every single one of them possessed combat expertise sufficient to fight off 10 opponents on their own, and they were proficient in utilizing firearms. So, it was simply beyond easy for them to deal with ordinary people.

Unfortunately, they’d offended someone who wasn’t ordinary at all.

A wave of cracking resounded before over 10 figures had slumped weakly to the ground, and their faces were covered in terror and disbelief as they gazed at that young man who was still standing on the same spot.

After all, they were elites of the empire’s special forces! But all of them had been immobilized by a single person in just an instant!

“Kneel down or I’ll shoot!” Suddenly, a bodyguard walked out from a corridor at the side. He was holding a handgun with both his hands, and the dark muzzle of it was pointed right at Chen Lan’s head.

Chen Lan turned his head and shot a glance over, and then that fellow felt pain surge from his wrist while his handgun vanished from his grasp. Moreover, his entire figure smashed against the wall as if he was rammed by a train, and then he immediately lost consciousness.

Chen Lan didn’t even spare a glance at the handgun he’d seized. He just casually tossed it on the ground before he walked towards the tightly closed door.

“You can’t go in there! The person within the room isn’t someone you can afford to offend! It isn’t too late to stop now, otherwise no one will be able to save you!” One of the bodyguards who laid limply on the ground roared.

However, Chen Lan seemed as if he hadn’t noticed at all, he raised his hand, pushed open the door, and walked in.

The room was very huge and capable of accommodating a few dozen people. All sorts of decorations filled the room, and it was brightly illuminated in multicolored neon lights.

At this moment, there were over a dozen young men and women within the room. Most of them had women in their arms as they drank and partied, and there were even some young men gathered around and taking some pills.


Besides that, there were some beautiful attendants as well. All of them wore Qipaos with very high slits, and they were kneeling on the ground as they poured the drinks for those young masters and young misses.

The scene here was truly debauched.

1. Public Service Announcement, alcohol and drugs are very bad for you. Please do not try this at home.

Chap End
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