Epilogue 5 – The Top Student and The Bookworm (Part 10/17)

Chen Lan swept his gaze through the room. He saw that woman who’d ran out screaming earlier was being forcefully restrained on the sofa by a man while he poured a bottle of wine down her throat, and he was even roaring with laughter. “If you sing for a living then sing for a living. I paid a huge price to invite you over, yet you fucking acted pure and aloof in front of me? Who the fuck do you think you are!? I’ll make you have a good time tonight!”

Some of the other men and women at the side were clapping and cheering as well, and they smiled as they watched all of this happen.

“Who’re you? Who allowed you to enter this room? Get the fuck out! Where are the bodyguards? Motherfuckers! How could they just let some random guy come in here!?” Meanwhile, someone had finally noticed Chen Lan, and he couldn’t help but be stunned before standing up and cursing.

Chen Lan raised his leg and kicked forward, and that fellow’s figure was blasted flying and smashed against the table, causing the drinks there to be completely smashed apart.

Sharp cries resounded instantaneously. All the others partying in the room had finally noticed that something was wrong, and they stopped what they were doing and looked at Chen Lan.

“Hey, have all of you see this? Someone has actually gone looking for trouble with us today! Bro, who are you? Why have I never seen you before this? Who gave you the courage to actually come and cause trouble in the territory of someone like me, Pan Yunqing?” That man who was pressing the woman down on the sofa and pouring wine down her throat had stood up, and he gazed at the unwelcome guest with a gloomy gaze.

The young man who called himself Pan Yunqing was rather handsome, but his countenance was quite pale, and his eyes were slightly narrowed while he revealed a slightly ruthless bearing.

Chen Lan frowned. The environment here was foul and filled with smoke, and he rather detested it. So, he spoke frankly. “Let that woman go.”

Pan Yunqing was stunned, and then he suddenly roared arrogantly with laughter as he pointed at the woman on the sofa. He said, “Hey! Hey! Hey! Someone is actually trying to play the hero in front of me! Bro, could it be that you’re a huge fan of hers?”

The others here roared with laughter as well. Practically every single one of them were descendants of influential and powerful figures. To put it simply, they were profligate descendants of the wealthy and powerful.

People like them were accustomed to taking advantage of their power and influence, and they’d witnessed all sorts of storms of jealousy. Coupled with their extraordinary background, they were simply profligate youths of the capital. They acted as they pleased, and no one dared to offend them at all.

At this moment, while they felt surprised that Chen Lan had entered the room and struck one of them, they weren’t afraid and felt quite excited instead.

They really were a bunch of troublemakers, but they relied on their families to sail smoothly through their lives until now, so they really wouldn’t feel afraid in such a situation.

“Bro, I forgot to tell you that the father of that fellow you just kicked unconscious is the chief of the Security Bureau.” A woman in heavy makeup chuckled as she spoke, “Most importantly, his father is very protective. You have to be careful or you’ll be taken in.”

The others roared with laughter and revealed mocking gazes.

Chen Lan knew that there was no point in saying anything, and he just moved forward with the intention of taking that woman with him.

The woman’s hair was disheveled, and she was choking with sobs while trembling on the soft. She seemed extremely pitiable.

If Chen Lan wasn’t wrong, then she was the ‘national beauty’ Yun Caiwei, and she was a superstar.

Chen Lan wasn’t a fan, but he remembered her because Mu Qing’s photo had once been compared to her in the forums, and it had caused a huge stir in the academy.

However, such a superstar had been reduced to such a state by a group of heirs from influential and wealthy families, so Chen Lan was truly quite surprised. Moreover, he wondered what her superfans would think if they found out about this.

“Hey, bro! You intend to take her just like that? Did you even ask for our permission?” A young man who smelled strongly of alcohol blocked Chen Lan’s path, and the smell of alcohol in his mouth always hit Chen Lan’s face.

Chen Lan raised his leg and kicked, and the young man was blasted flying.

“Another one! Bro, that’s amazing! That fellow is the prized child of the chief secretary in the executive committee of the Empire’s Internal Affairs Board. Don’t be too shocked by that.” The woman with heavy makeup grinned as she clapped.

Chen Lan seemed completely indifferent and just continued forward.

At this moment, Pan Yunqing finally realized that something was off, and he frowned, “Do you know what you’re doing?”

Chen Lan remained indifferent and just gestured at Yun Caiwei as he said, “Come with me.”

Yun Caiwei’s eyes were swollen from crying, and her hair was disheveled. She stared blankly at this unfamiliar face that stood before her when she heard him, yet she suddenly said, “You… you’ll only… only suffer harm if you offend them…. Quickly… leave!”

Pan Yunqing laughed coldly and said, “Stop fucking putting on a goddamn show! Don’t you think it’s disgusting? You want to leave? All of you can dream of leaving today!”

Pan Yunqing pointed a finger at Chen Lan as he said, “No matter who you are, since you’ve assaulted my friends and spoiled my plans, this enmity is sown. But I’m entertaining guests today so I can’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with you, so just kneel down obediently and apologize. Perhaps I’ll give you some face then and not make you suffer to the extent of begging for food on the streets. Alright?”

“Kneel down and apologize? You’re going too easy on him. That isn’t fun at all.” The others started booing.

Chen Lan wondered if there was something wrong with these fellows in the head. They are still so confident in their ability to deal with me when they’re in such a situation?Could it be that they insist on forcing me to teach every single one of them a lesson?Bang!

Right at this moment, the tightly closed door to the room was kicked open. A hot woman with an extremely icy cold and charming appearance walked into the room, and she was in a dark blue dress while her hair was tied into a bun behind her head.

Surprisingly, it was Liang Liang. After she’d changed out of her uniform, her current dressing was definitely striking. The curves of her hot and slender figure were vividly displayed by that dark blue dress while her red and plump lips formed an alluring arc.

But at this moment, her face was icy cold while a ferocious expression resided on her face. She glanced coldly at all the men and women within the room before she said, “Since it isn’t fun, then let me fucking ask all of you what exactly is fun?”

Pan Yunqing and the others were stunned when they saw Liang Liang appear here. It wasn’t that they didn’t recognize her, and it was because they’d never seen her dressed up like this!

However, their minds instantly cleared up when they heard the hostility in her voice, and they were slightly surprised and bewildered. They weren’t able to figure out what Liang Liang’s problem was.

“Big Sister Liang Liang, what’re you doing here? It’s truly….” A seemingly dandified young man grinned as he walked forward and greeted Liang Liang. However, Liang Liang picked up a wine bottle and smashed it on his head, causing glass to shoot towards the surroundings.

Blood instantly covered that fellows face while he howled in pain.

“Fuck off and stand aside. I’ll deal with you later!” Liang Liang spoke with a murderous look on her face while she casually picked up another bottle of wine.

“Liang Liang, what do you want?” Pan Yunqing was quite flurried as well upon witnessing that. Because if this severely violent woman were to go berserk, then no one could stop her.

“What I want? I want to ask all of you what you want!” As she spoke, she smashed that bottle on another man’s head. That fellow hadn’t even said a single word yet suffered such a strike to the head, and he immediately howled before falling unconscious. He truly seemed very… unfortunate.

“What… what exactly is the matter? I’ll apologize and compensate you for any offence against you, alright?” Pan Yunqing was anxious when he saw Liang Liang lift up another bottle of red wine. Even though his father was respected as one of the main ministers in the empire, how could he dare to go against an actual descendant of the royal family like Liang Liang?

“Offending me isn’t a big deal, but you fucking offended my friend, so it isn’t that easy to resolve. I might as well tell all of you right now, none of your parents can save all of you this time!” Liang Liang was wearing a dark blue formal dress, and it should have made her look very ladylike. However, she was like a furious dragon right now, and it was an extremely horrifying sight.

She was really furious because something like this had occurred while she’d just gone to change. How could she not be furious by this?Her friend? Pan Yunqing and the others gazed at Chen Lan, and they finally came to a slight understanding. At the same time, their expressions changed indeterminately. After all, how could they have dared to act in that way if they knew Chen Lan was Liang Liang’s friend?

Obviously, since Liang Liang dared to speak such words, this friend of hers was clearly not ordinary at all, so even Pan Yunqing felt distressed when he thought up to this point.

“Alas, it was truly a misunderstanding that caused conflict to arise between people like us who should be on the same side. Big Sister Liang, it was our mistake, so can we apologize to make amends?” Pan Yunqing spoke humbly.


Liang Liang smashed the wine bottle against his head, causing blood to flow down his face while his figure swayed. He almost crashed to the ground.

At this moment, Pan Yunqing was shocked and furious, and he shouted, “Liang Liang, what exactly do you want? Do you know that we’re gathered here to entertain your Sixth Brother? Even you would probably be unable to bear the consequences if your Sixth Brother arrived here and witnessed such a scene!”

Liang Liang’s sixth brother’s name was Liang Peiwen, and he was the sixth prince of the empire while his mother was the current empress. So, his status was extremely aloof, and it was very likely for him to inherit the throne if nothing unexpected occurred.

“Are you threatening me?” Liang Liang’s gaze turned cold.

Pan Yunqing’s heart jerked. He knew that he’d been slightly impulsive, but he still braced himself and said, “It’s not a threat. This is just a trivial matter, so why cause such a commotion? It’ll just make others laugh at us for nothing.”

“Haha! A trivial matter?” Liang Liang laughed coldly, and then she turned to look outside the room as she said, “Sixth Brother, are you really only going to step forward at the last moment? Then don’t blame me for showing no mercy!”

All of the others were shocked when they heard these words. The Sixth Prince is here?“Alas, I’ll refrain from showing myself. Just do as you please. Liang Liang, entertain your friend well on your sixth brother’s behalf. I have no face to meet him today. I’ll apologize to Chen Lan in the future.” The voice vanished after speaking these words.

Pan Yunqing and the others were completely stunned. Even the Sixth Prince wasn’t willing to interfere and even intends to apologize to Liang Liang’s friend?In an instant, the atmosphere became extremely deathly silent.

Pan Yunqing and the others had finally realized that they’d bitten off more than they could chew, and it was really far too much….

“Hmph! That was quick!” Liang Liang grunted coldly, and then she said, “Fatty Ning, this is your territory, so you deal with it. I’ll destroy this ‘rice bowl’ of yours if you dare to let them go without my permission!”

Her voice hadn’t finished resounding through the air when the middle aged fatty who Chen Lan had met during the reunion dinner at Mu Qing’s home walked in while sweating profusely, and he patted his chest as he said, “Don’t worry. Leave it to me.”

Liang Liang shot a glance at Chen Lan, and then she turned around and walked towards the room’s exit.

Chen Lan, on the other hand, called over Yun Caiwei who was in a stunned state, and then he left with her.

As he gazed at the mess within the room, Uncle Ning who was smiling like the Laughing Buddha suddenly revealed an icy cold expression.

He gazed at Pan Yunqing and the others as he smiled spuriously. “Young Masters and Young Misses, don’t blame me for being merciless. I have no choice but to subject all of you to some injustice for some time.”

Pan Yunqing and the others were utterly dejected and listless. Never had they imagined that they’d cause such a calamity to fall upon them.Who exactly is that fellow… Chen Lan?

Chap End
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