Epilogue 5 – The Top Student and The Bookworm (Part 11/17)

At an elegant room on the 2


floor of Black Hibiscus Club.

Liang Liang opened a bottle of red wine and drank with Chen Lan. She smiled sweetly and seemed carefree as if she’d forgotten the incident from before.

She sat there lazily in her blue dress, with a fluffy bun of hair on her head, her beautiful and fair arms exposed at her sides, and her fair white cleavage faintly visible on her chest. She was alluring and was an absolute stunner.

It was very difficult for someone to imagine that she was a military woman.

On the other side, Yun Caiwei had changed to a new set of clothes and cleaned herself up, so she revealed a pure, clean, and beautiful appearance instead.

Unlike Liang Liang, she emanated a lively and modest aura. Even though her eyes were red and swollen from crying, it didn’t affect her beauty at all, and it even made her seem much more delicate.

At this moment, she was sitting on the spot in quite a reserved manner, and her mind was still quite dazed as she watched the pair of man and woman drink in the room.

She was the most dazzling star in the entertainment industry of Cathay Empire. She was a superstar who was considered a national beauty, and her influence was huge. Regardless of whether it was her movies or music, all of them were spread extensively, and it was even to the extent that she had made fans outside the empire.

A simple example would be that Yun Caiwei’s personal account in the most popular online social network had a few tens of millions of fans!

But it was exactly such a superstar that had almost been forced against her will, so it was obvious how frightened and shaken she was.

Yun Caiwei had heard that both the good and bad were mixed together in the entertainment industry. It was like a huge congregation of all sorts of people. But no matter what, it was only the entertainment industry, and in the eyes of influential and wealthy figures, it was only just a bunch of actors, actresses, and singers who lived in such an industry.

Yun Caiwei hadn’t believed it in the past, but she fully believed it now.

She’d asked herself what she would do if she’d been taken by force just now. However, even she didn’t know what to do. After all, it was utterly useless to lodge a police report, whereas, exposing it on the web would be impossible as well. Because it would probably be silently removed and concealed.

As for finding someone to take revenge for her?

What a joke! It was absolutely impossible for her, Yun Caiwei, to know anyone in the capital that was capable of acting against those profligate youths.

So, after giving it considerable thought, Yun Caiwei realized that she could only endure it if it happened. This was the sorrow of a star.

It seemed to be dazzling on the surface with fans flocking wherever one went, but it was absolutely worthless before true power.

So, that was why Yun Caiwei had been in such despair and had resigned herself to such a fate just now. But she hadn’t imagined that this man and woman would have suddenly entered the room and completely turned around her bad luck.

Yun Caiwei was unable to imagine what Chen Lan’s background was, nor could she determine what Liang Liang’s identity was. However, she’d watched with her own two eyes as those men and women of influential and wealthy familiars who no one dared to offend had actually been bashed up to the point of screaming, and both Chen Lan and Liang Liang actually refused to accept their apology.

The meaning of this was obvious. Since she was able to attain her current accomplishments, Yun Caiwei was definitely not stupid, and she’d instantly determined that both this man and woman were extraordinary figures that were much more superior to those fellows.

However, Yun Caiwei wondered why they’d helped her, and she couldn’t figure it out.

She was very confident in her beauty, but she was even more certain that this man who’d rescued her had absolutely not done so because of her beauty.

At the same time, Yun Caiwei was very confident in her fame, but such fame only applied to ordinary commoners, and it was nothing worth mentioning to this man and woman.

So, Yun Caiwei was truly unable to figure out why they’d rescued her.

“The mood today really got spoiled. I’d intended to bring you here to enjoy yourself, but a group of bastards spoiled everything.” That first bottle of red wine was quickly finished, and then Liang Liang pursed her lips and sighed.

“It was I who caused all of it, so I should be the one to blame.”

Liang Liang was about to open another bottle of red wine while Chen Lan spoke, and he immediately stopped her and said, “Drink a little less. You have to drive later.”

Liang Liang shot a seductive glance at Chen Lan and grinned, “You don’t have to be kind to a lady right now. If you get me drunk, then wouldn’t it be just perfect for you to do as you pleased?”

Her gaze was extremely seductive while a fragrant yet alcoholic breath escaped her plump red lips, and her face was covered in indescribably charm.

However, Chen Lan seemed as if he was completely oblivious to such matters, and he spoke calmly, “I have some tea that I brought from home. Why don’t you give it a try? It can alleviate your tipsiness.”

As he spoke, Chen Lan didn’t seem to have moved at all yet an exquisite little teapot had appeared in his hand, and then he picked up the teacups on the table and made some tea for Liang Liang, Yun Caiwei, and himself.

The tea was seething while steam curled up from it, and then a clear fragrance that refreshed the heart swept out soundlessly and filled the room.

Liang Liang’s eyes lit up, “What tea is this?”

Chen Lan said, “Try it.”

He passed the cups to Liang Liang and Yun Caiwei.

Liang Liang seemed to be unable to wait, and she disregarded whether it would scald her as she gulped it all down. After that, her eyes opened wide while her body seemed as if it was frozen on the spot. It was indescribably strange.

Yun Caiwei couldn’t help but take a sip, and then she exclaimed with surprise and unconsciously drank another mouthful. Then it was mouthful after mouthful, and she wasn’t able to stop herself at all.

When she finally finished the cup of tea, she held the cup in her hand while she closed her eyes, and it was like she was having an out-of-body experience.

A long time passed before Liang Liang heaved a sigh. She bit her lips as she gazed at Chen Lan, and then she did something unexpected.

She suddenly pounced onto Chen Lan and kissed him on the cheek. Moreover, her ample and proud chest pressed down upon Chen Lan’s body. It was simply indescribably enchanting.

Chen Lan was caught off guard and was clearly slightly embarrassed. However, Liang Liang smiled and returned to her seat when he was just about to push her away.

“Handsome! Thanks for the tea!” Liang Liang had a brilliant and charming smile on her face, and her voice was filled with sincerity.

She’d been serving in the army throughout the years, and she’d experienced battles, so there were many concealed injuries on her, and it was something she really couldn’t forget.

But Chen Lan’s tea had actually completely wiped away those injuries in a few breaths of time. Moreover, it even made her feel much younger and filled with energy and vitality. So, how could she not be excited and happy?

Chen Lan wiped off the lipstick on his face and laughed bitterly, “It was just a cup of tea. Why do that?”

At this moment, Yun Caiwei’s eyes were filled with extraordinary splendor. She felt like her entire body had become much lighter. She felt light, warm, and filled with energy and vitality. So, how could she not figure out that it was all because of that tea?

How could there be such miraculous tea in this world?

Yun Caiwei noticed that this ordinary looking man felt even more mysterious to her now.

It wasn’t long before Chen Lan insisted on leaving. Liang Liang wasn’t in the mood to continue partying as well, so they left Black Hibiscus with Yun Caiwei.

It was dark outside. Liang Liang drove Yun Caiwei back home first.

When they arrived before the door of her home at Royal Cinnamon Center, Yun Caiwei was finally unable to stop herself from asking that question in her heart.

Chen Lan smiled and said, “My girlfriend is a fan of yours, and your pictures were even compared online. That was why I remembered you. I merely lifted a hand when I helped you, and I don’t have any other intentions.”

Yun Caiwei was stunned, and then she said, “Looks like you’re definitely deeply in love with your girlfriend. I wish the two of you happiness.”

Chen Lan thanked her, and then he suddenly thought of something and said, “Can you give me your signature?”

Liang Liang whistled and said, “Hey, Handsome! Are you going to become a fan as well?”

“I’m getting it for Mu Qing.” Chen Lan explained casually while he gazed at Yun Caiwei.

She naturally didn’t refuse such a request, and she readily withdrew a pen from her handbag and gave Chen Lan her signature. Moreover, she even added her well-wishes there.

Chen Lan put it away carefully, and then he waved Yun Caiwei farewell as he felt with Liang Liang.

“He really is a mysterious… and nice person.” Yun Caiwei watched as the hummer left, and then a wisp of a smile couldn’t help but arise on the corners of her mouth as she recalled everything that occurred since she met Chen Lan.

Later on, this superstar of the entertainment industry wrote a song, and it was called ‘The Mysterious Man’. Its music and lyrics were both extraordinary, so it became a hit throughout the entire empire in a single night, and it caused her countless fans to guess who exactly that mysterious man referred to in the lyrics was. Moreover, they even wondered if it was someone she admired!

Chap End
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