Epilogue 5 – The Top Student and The Bookworm (Part 13/17)

A county town couldn’t be compared with a proper urban city, and it was almost impossible to be compared to extraordinarily large cities like provincial capitals or the imperial capital itself.

As a small county town under the jurisdiction of Central Plains Province, Dragon Rise County’s streets were deserted and quiet on new year’s eve. Regardless of whether it was those who were working or managed their own businesses, all had closed their doors and gathered with their families to celebrate.

So, when Chen Lan drove Mu Qing into this town, they’d searched for a long time before they finally found a medium-grade restaurant which was still open.

After they got down, they ordered a simple bowl of noodles each as they intended to fill their stomachs before continuing on their way. The journey from Dragon Rise County until Yellow Millet Village would take another two hours, but that segment of the road was rather rough and coupled with the heavy snow that was descending now, that road would definitely be even more difficult to traverse.

Fortunately, Liang Liang’s car was an all-terrain vehicle from the military, so it was more than enough to deal with such an adverse path.

The waiters of this restaurant were on leave, so it was the owner, his wife, and their daughter who’d just entered college who were entertaining the guests.

Moreover, there were only a few occupied tables throughout the restaurant because it was new year’s eve today, and it made this place seem quite deserted.

However, right when Chen Lan and Mu Qing had only finished half of their meal, a group of police had walked in aggressively. The owners of the restaurant thought that they’d come for a meal, and they hurriedly moved forward to welcome the officers. But the officers pushed the owner aside and shouted. “It’s none of your business. We’re here on official business!”

The owners were clearly quite alarmed, and they wondered why these officers had come to their restaurant to handle a case on new year’s eve!

Meanwhile, the robust middle aged officer in the lead glanced towards the guests in the restaurants and shouted loudly. “Whose military vehicle is that?”

Chen Lan who was slurping down some noodles was stunned, and then he stood up and said, “It’s mine.”


The gazes of all the officers shot over, and then the middle aged officer coughed dryly. He flashed his credentials and said, “I suspect you of unauthorized usage of the army’s insignia. So, come with us.”

As he spoke, he waved his hands, and the other officers charged over like a group of wolves that intended to restrain Chen Lan.

“Don’t you dare!” Mu Qing slapped the table as she stood up and glared angrily at that middle aged officer, “Unauthorized usage of the army’s insignia? Are you sure your words can be used as proof? I suspect that all of you are a group of fake police officers in uniform!”

She was really quite furious. Because they’d only come to have a meal yet suddenly encountered such a thing. How could anyone avoid feeling angry upon encountering such an incident on new year’s eve?

Mu Qing was beautiful, and her dressing clearly displayed that she wasn’t from a small county town. Coupled with her smooth accent that came from the capital, it made that middle aged officer feel stunned for a moment.

After that, he laughed coldly, “The truth will be obvious once I take both of you to the station. Young Miss, I advise you to follow us obediently. Resistance will be considered as defiance of the empire’s laws. Don’t blame us for using force if that happens!”

Mu Qing picked up her phone and gritted her teeth, “Fine, let me make a call!”


However, she hadn’t even been able to make the call before one of the officers took her phone, and he said, “We allow no obstruction while we’re carrying out our duty! You can make a call, but only after you come with us to the station and allow us to finish questioning you about your criminal offence. You can make as many calls as you like after that.”

Mu Qing was instantly infuriated to the point her face turned pale, but she was at a loss for what to do. She was someone from the capital yet was at a remote little county town, and she’d even encountered a group of vicious police officers. So, how could she possibly know what to do?

“Take them!” The middle aged officer laughed with disdain towards Mu Qing as he gave the order.

The owners of the restaurant were stunned by this scene. How could they have imagined that a couple who were eating in their restaurant would have actually committed a crime on new year’s eve.

But unauthorized usage of the army’s insignia? Is that even a big deal? I’ve never seen these shrewd police officers acting so quickly.

Moreover, it’s new year’s eve. Don’t they have to celebrate with their families?

The owners of the restaurant relied on their years of experience to instantly determine that the group of police officers had probably targeted this couple, and perhaps it was because they’d offended someone they shouldn’t have.

For a time, the owners gazed at Chen Lan and Mu Qing with a trace of pity in their eyes.

Since they were able to discern that, Chen Lan was naturally able to as well. The reason he was still silent was because he’d been constantly pondering exactly who’d ordered this.

This is Dragon Rise County, and it’s even the new year’s eve. So, which bastard hates me that much to insist on looking for trouble with me today?

When the group of officers surrounded them and were about to arrest both Mu Qing and him without any proof, Chen Lan couldn’t help but arouse a trace of rage in his heart.

He was a reserved and reticent person, and he really didn’t like to cause trouble, but it didn’t represent that he didn’t have a temper.

Even the nicest person had a temper, let alone Chen Lan?

The current situation really was one that he couldn’t tolerate any longer.

Chen Lan raised his hand and pulled Mu Qing behind him, and then he raised his head while his gaze had turned completely cold.

The police served the people. So once they took bribes, acted impartially, and allowed others to order them around, they weren’t qualified to be police officers anymore.

“It’s new year’s eve, I think you should just forget this matter.” Right at this moment, a man stood up from a nearby table and walked over. He was wearing a windbreaker, seemed refined and elegant, and he was even holding a handphone.

“We’re doing our job, so it’s best if you just stand aside. If you dare to obstruct us from carrying out our duty, then we’ll take you in as well!” That middle aged officer berated.

The man smiled, and then he passed his phone over as he said, “You’re Zhao Dabao, right? You’re the Deputy Commissioner who was just transferred to Dragon Rise County’s Police Department last year. This call is for you.”

The middle aged officer was stunned, and then he instinctively received the phone and placed it against his ears, “Hello.”

“I’m Secretary Chen from the Commission of Politics and Law….” Zhao Dabao’s mind droned when he heard this, and he knew that he was in trouble.

Moreover, when he heard the secretary who used to be kind and polite to him cursing him with exasperation as if he’d killed the secretary’s family, cold sweat started pouring out of him.

It was right in the middle of winter, but Deputy Commissioner Zhao Dabao felt like he was being roasted on a fire pit, and he was completely stunned.

All the other officers were experienced fellows, so they’d instantly noticed that something was off, and they stopped what they were doing and exchanged glances.

“Of course, of course. Don’t worry Secretary Chen, I, Zhao Dabao, swear on the charter of the empire that I guarantee to fulfil my duty!” Zhao Dabao wiped off his cold sweat as he ended the call, and then he carefully returned it to the man in a windbreaker before he spoke with a flattering expression, “Err…. I’m sorry for what happened just now. I, Zhao Dabao, was ignorant and acted disrespectfully to you. Allow me to….”

The man in a windbreaker took the phone and waved his hand, “Cut the crap. I can’t be bothered to make a fuss about it with you on new year’s eve, so just leave quickly.”

“Yes, yes, yes…. Don’t worry, we’ll leave immediately.” Zhao Dabao spoke hurriedly. He had a dignified rectangular face, but he was actually revealing such an extremely humble and flattering expression. It truly seemed difficult on him.

The other officers in the surroundings were stunned by this scene. After all, Zhao Dabao could be considered as a powerful figure in the county, and he possessed an extraordinary background to the point that he didn’t even respect many influential figures in the county. But at this moment, he’d actually become like this after receiving a single call, and it truly made them wonder if this was the same Deputy Commissioner Zhao Dabao who was usually dignified and awe-inspiring!

“What’re all you still standing there for? Leave!” Zhao Dabao berated them before intending to leave with all the officers.

“Wait.” However, right at this moment, Chen Lan refused to let them leave, and he frowned, “Didn’t all of you want to investigate me? Why aren’t you doing it anymore?”

“Right, didn’t you intend to take us back to the station? How can you just leave like this?” Mu Qing was rather angry as well, and she spoke coldly.

“Err….” Zhao Dabao was instantly thrown into a difficult situation, and he gazed at the man in a windbreaker.

“Let them go. They seem to have been ordered to do this, and they don’t know anything.” The man spoke patiently, and his expression seemed much more sincere and serious when speaking with Chen Lan and Mu Qing.

The two of them exchanged glances, and then Chen Lan said, “They can leave, but I want to know who gave the order.”

The man in a windbreaker smiled lightheartedly and said, “I’ll explain everything in a moment.”

At this point, Chen Lan abandoned his intentions to deal with those officers, and he nodded, “Thank you.”

When he witnessed this scene, how could Zhao Dabao not understand that their status was absolutely not as simply as he’d imagined?

When he thought about how he’d almost disregarded everything and arrested two people of such high status, a chill ran down Zhao Dabao’s spine. At this moment, how could he dare to stay for a single moment longer? He immediately fled with the group of police officers.

After he left the restaurant, Zhao Dabao had rather complicated emotions in his heart as he gazed at the hummer that was covered in mud, and then he couldn’t help but curse to himself,

Motherfucker! I was almost ruined on new year’s eve because of you!

“Deputy Commissioner Zhao, that person from before….” One of the officers couldn’t restrain himself.

“Don’t ask about things you shouldn’t ask about!” Zhao Dabao frowned as he berated, and then he said, “All of them aren’t ordinary people. They’re like gods that are in battle against each other, so commoners like us can’t interfere. Just return home and celebrate the new year. Alas, we’ll be the ones to take the blame if any problems are to arise from this incident.”

He sighed as he shook his head and got in his police car, and then he left hastily with the others.

Chap End
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