Epilogue 5 – The Top Student and The Bookworm (Part 16/17)

At this moment, all of these influential figures were gathered around a dignified and tall figure, and they surrounded him like a host of stars surrounding a bright moon.

That tall figure wore a windbreaker, had a calm expression, and walked with vigorous strides. Even though there was a smile on the corners of his mouth, he emanated an oppressive aura of majesty.

“Brother Ma, what’s going on?” The tall figure smiled.

Ma Yunfei hurriedly ran over and explained softly.

The tall figure was stunned, and then he laughed lightheartedly, “That’s nothing. There’s nothing wrong with waiting for a while.”

As he spoke, he took the initiative to move aside, and then gaze at the brightly illuminated mansion from afar. His expression seemed to be calm, but his heart was actually surging.

The other influential figures of the empire exchanged glances when they witnessed this scene, and then they tacitly moved over and waited silently there.

However, all of them couldn’t avoid feeling puzzled.

Why has the emperor insisted on coming to this remote village with the intention of paying a visit to a distinguished guest that the emperor says has come from afar instead of staying in the capital on the night of new year’s eve? This is simply inconceivable.

Such an incident was simply unimaginable to them.

All of these influential figures had been pondering on this all along the way, but they were really unable to figure out which distinguished guest could make the emperor lower himself to such a level.

Now, they’d finally arrived here, yet they were refused entry and asked to wait outside amidst the heavy snow. Moreover, they were extremely tired and worn out from travelling through that bumpy and rough road. Such hardships were something they hadn’t experienced for a very long time.

However, when they saw that even the emperor had willingly accepted all of this, how could they dare to flare-up? So, they could only forcefully endure the discomfort they experienced and wait silently at the side.


The ear piercing sound of a car’s tires screeching as it came to a halt resounded from afar, and it drew the attention of many.

Someone else is here?

At this moment, a black SUV had stopped behind the convoy, and then Mu Tianyuan got off while seeming to be in an exhausted state. He couldn’t endure the discomfort in his belly any longer, and he stood at the side of the road and started vomiting.

Liu Xiuzhi hurriedly went over and patted her husband on the back while heartache covered her face.

“Fuck! We’re finally here!” A short while later, Mu Tianyuan was finally barely able to straighten his body, and he couldn’t help but curse when he recalled how arduous and difficult the journey here was.

“Are you alright?” Liu Xiuzhi passed a cup of warm water to him.

Mu Tianyuan waved his hand and said, “I’m fine.”

He took a large stride forward while he spoke, “That house over there should belong to that kid. Let’s head over. We’ll meet his parents today, speak about everything, and resolve everything. I don’t want to suffer anymore.”

Liu Xiuzhi hurriedly moved forward, and only their driver remained to take care of the car.

“Tianyuan, that little girl, Liang Liang, said that Chen Lan’s background isn’t ordinary. Let’s take a look at the situation first. Don’t do anything stupid.” Liu Xiuzhi reminded him.

“Don’t worry.” Mu Tianyuan took a deep breath and said, “However, but for the sake of our daughter’s happiness, I refuse to just let it be.”

Liu Xiuzhi nodded, and then she suddenly noticed that the convoy ahead seemed to be quite familiar. She said, “Tianyuan, look at that convoy. Doesn’t it seem familiar?”

Mu Tianyuan was thinking about the matters that weighed down upon his mind, so he hadn’t noticed all of that. So, only when she pointed it out to him did Mu Tianyuan notice that there were over 10 black SUVs parked ahead, and all of them were specially made models.

His figure instantly stiffened when he sized them up carefully, and then he couldn’t help but rub his eyes. He’d actually thought that he was seeing things.

However, when he confirmed that all of it was true, Mu Tianyuan wasn’t able to maintain his composure any longer, and he gasped repeatedly.

What the fuck is going on? Why have all of those sly old foxes gathered here? Don’t they have to celebrate the new year?

Mu Tianyuan felt quite dazed.

“Eh, I was wondering who it was. So it’s Brother Mu. What’re you doing here?” Meanwhile, Ma Yunfei had walked over, and he couldn’t help but speak with surprise when he recognized Mu Tianyuan.

“Director Ma.” Mu Tianyuan felt even more surprised, and he hurriedly walked forward and said, “What… what are you doing here?”

Ma Yunfei smiled and said, “Come, let’s not start chatting here. There are even more old friends waiting over there.”

As he spoke, Ma Yunfei turned around and led the way.

Mu Tianyuan exchanged glances with his wife, and he faintly understood what Liang Liang meant. Compared to the exhaustion he felt right now, his mind was filled with various other things.

Both of them followed Ma Yunfei. When they arrived at the front of the convoy and noticed all those influential figures who possessed extremely high rankings in the empire, Mu Tianyuan and Liu Xiuzhi couldn’t help but gasp, and they unconsciously became slightly reserved.

Moreover, when they noticed the tall and dignified leader who led the group, Mu Tianyuan and Liu Xiuzhi were completely speechless. They just stared at that figure while unprecedented shock surged within their hearts.

Even… even… even the emperor himself has come here?

Meanwhile, Ma Yunfei spoke a few words by the emperor’s ears, and then the emperor turned around and smiled as he gestured at Mu Tianyuan.

Mu Tianyuan shuddered, and then he hurriedly moved forward, “Your Majesty.”

“There’s no need for that while we’re outside the capital. Tianyuan, what’re you doing here so late at night?” asked the emperor in a curious tone.

“Err.” Mu Tianyuan hesitated for a moment, and then he told the emperor the true story.

“You’re saying that… your daughter is with a kid from Yellow Millet Village?” The emperor grew even more curious, and then he said with an interested tone, “So, you’ve come to propose their marriage?”

Mu Tianyuan smiled bitterly, “To be honest, I’m worried that little girl of mine would be tricked, and I’ve constantly been against their relationship. So, I couldn’t help but come here myself to have a look at that young man’s background.”

In an instant, the emperor came to a complete understanding, and then he revealed a thought provoking smile as he said, “Alas, your perception is even inferior to your daughter. It’s best if you pay less attention to that. Come see me after you return to the capital. I’m very interested in this marriage of your daughter’s.”

“Of course, of course.” Mu Tianyuan nodded repeatedly while his mind was in quite a mess. He’d faintly discerned what the emperor had implied, but he wasn’t able to say for sure. So he was quite perturbed in his heart.

“Right, Your Majesty, why haven’t you headed in?” Mu Tianyuan suddenly realized this and couldn’t help but inquire about it.

“I’m waiting to offer my well wishes.” The emperor spoke casually in a composed manner.

“You’re waiting here to offer your well wishes?” Mu Tianyuan was dumbstruck, and he felt that the wisdom he possessed was far from sufficient to process this.

Ma Yunfei explained softly from the side, and then Mu Tianyuan finally came to an understanding. However, he grew even more surprised when he found out about all of it.

The rules of just a village were actually able to make the emperor and all these influential figures dare not take a step forward?

What exactly is that little fellow’s background? Could he be even more noble than the royal family of the empire?

Mu Tianyuan was shocked by his thoughts. As he recalled the conversation with Chen Lan during the reunion dinner and how he’d objected to their relationship, Mu Tianyuan’s emotions were extremely complicated, and his thoughts were in slight disorder.

Meanwhile, a wave of clamorous noise suddenly resounded from the back of the convoy.

“What sort of shitty place is this? It was so bumpy that I almost vomited. I would never come to such a fucking place if it weren’t for Qing’qing.”

“Young Master, the situation seems to be slightly off.”

“What’s wrong with it?”

“Look at those cars.”

“Isn’t it just a bunch of cars? The amount of cars here can only prove that the kid’s family isn’t as poor as we imagined.”

“No, look over here.”

“There’s no need for that. Come with me to that kid’s house first. I can’t take this anymore. I’m definitely going to make that kid’s parents retreat in the face of difficulties!”

Zhao Zhicheng cursed as he walked over with the two other men. He saw the group of figures gathered at the side yet paid no attention to them, and he just walked over and shouted. “Move aside, all of you move aside.”

All of those influential figures of the empire were stunned.

What an arrogant kid!

Some even recognized Zhao Zhicheng, and they instantly frowned.

What’s this kid from the Zhao Family doing here? Moreover, he’s even coming over in such a threatening and arrogant manner. Has he come here to seek revenge?

If it were at any other time, Zhao Zhicheng would have been able to rely on his perception to notice that the atmosphere was off. However, he was truly too exasperated today. He’d been travelling through that pitch black, rough, and bumpy roar for two hours, and it had almost turned his stomach inside out. So, how could he be bothered about everything else? Coupled with the fact that this area was quite dark, he hadn’t been able to distinguish their appearance at all, so he just strode forward all the way.

“Stop right there! What a rude fellow! Which family are you from?” One of them couldn’t bear the sight of this any longer and berated.

“Who the fuck….” Zhao Zhicheng was instantly infuriated when he heard someone from a tiny village had dared to berate him, and he immediately started cursing. However, he’d merely spoken halfway when he was stunned on the spot, “Uncle Xue! What… what are you doing here?”

That person who spoke was the Commander of the Imperial Garrison, Xue Shiheng. He didn’t speak a single word when he heard Zhao Zhicheng, and he just gazed coldly at Zhao Zhicheng to the point the latter broke out in cold sweat.

At this moment, his mind had suddenly cleared up, and he realized that the situation here wasn’t normal. After that, he gazed at the other figures here, and then he instantly seemed as if he’d been struck by lightning and his mouth opened wide as if he was being choked.

What… what’s going on? Why have all of these seniors come to a village on new year’s eve?

Zhao Zhicheng was horrified, and it was especially so when he noticed that dignified and tall figure who was at the center of the group. It terrified him to the point he almost slumped down to the ground, and a wisp of indescribable horror surged from within his heart.

He recalled his impudent actions from before, and he wished for nothing more than to slap himself while extreme regret surged within him.

“Who’s that little fellow?” The emperor glanced at Zhao Zhicheng.

“He’s Lieutenant General Zhao Pingbo’s son. He’s usually quite smart, but he seems to be acting quite foolishly today.” Ma Yunfei hurriedly explained.

The emperor nodded, and then he turned his gaze away and didn’t say another word.

However, Zhao Zhicheng was instantly horrified when he witnessed this scene, and his entire body felt cold as if he’d fallen into an icy pit. How could he have imagined that he would actually encounter the most powerful group of people throughout the empire at such a village?

Chap End
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